12 July, 2007

On Display

The Diva and I are walking home from summer camp. It is a humid but breezy and overcast day.

A man drives by and yells out his window, "I've seen a lot of you today young lady."

The Diva and I look at each other. There is no one else walking.

"Do you know who he is talking to?"

We walk farther up the street. Again he says, "I have seen a lot of you today young lady."

I now know that he is talking to us though I am not sure why. Thus I shout something in return.

The Diva and I watch to see where he goes. We are quite close to our neighborhood.

"I have been walking a lot today," I tell her, "perhaps he has seen me?"

"Look, he turned into our neighborhood!"

My mind is now racing. Was I nude in front of the windows this morning? No, the AC is on so the blinds are shut. But I was out on the balcony in a shirt and underwear watering a sunflower.

Just how much of me has he seen?!

Aloud I mention something about hoping that he doesn't live across from us.

The Diva, who walks around in little to nothing as much as I do, laughs. This is hilarious. "Haven't you ever thought about that before?"

"I honestly don't care... well, I didn't"

Unless it is extremely hot, cold, or rainy, my windows (shades and all) are kept open. I live on the top two floors of a building in a fairly hidden area. I simply like the fresh air and natural light.

In my mid-twenties I lived at the top of buildings. I started leaving my windows and shades open as there was no one who could see into the apartments. And, to be honest, I just stopped caring if they did look.

My attitude has not changed.

We walked around the neighborhood to see if we could find the car. We found two that matched the model, make, and color. One two streets over and one parked at the buildings across a grassy area from ours. So the question is - which car was his? Have I been giving someone a free "look" without realizing it?

Yet, faced with the reality that the guy across the grassy area from me probably just commented on how much he has seen me lately...

Next time I will give him a real show!


Beth said...

Wow! You know, even if you have accidentally flashed him, I think it's rude to yell it out his window as he was driving down the road.

But maybe he's just a little crazy and says that to all the ladies!

Bre said...

I'm with Beth - he may just be crazy!

Scotty said...

Even if you've been showing him the goods, that's still kinda weird he would yell that at you all.

Have the T-Shirt said...

I think that would have weirded me out having someone yell at me like that.

cathouse teri said...

I'd say it's VERY weird that he would yell that he's seen "a lot" of you, meaning he's seen you naked through your windows. Does he look like a weirdo? A lecherous old man? Why is he calling you a young lady? Even creepier, could he really mean the Diva?

If you see him again, I would certainly ask him why he thinks hollering out a window at people is appropriate and what the hell he means by it anyway!

Leiselb said...

Holy crap!What a freak-o! Hopefully it doesn't lead to any weirder behavior...yeah? Yikes....

Mike said...

I agree with everyone. If you seen it don't shout it out. Especially with the Diva around. Like you I live on the top floor and is very hard to see in. If you really want to look in go right ahead.

The Exception said...

Hey everyone -

Okay, I am probably more freaked out now than I was before!

Young guy, I took it as more some weird thing men say to women from the comfort of their cars. I didn't get the sense that he was crazy or anything, just... weird. I honestly don't pay much attention to the things men say from their cars.

It was just kind of weird. I considered the idea that he might have been talking to/about the Diva, but that seemed even more weird than him saying something to me.

The Diva and I did some research this morning from the balcony. There are probably a3 houses that can see my balcony from theirs, if they are looking. That is a big IF as I am one of the few who enjoys natural light and leaves everything open. I have never been nude on the balcony nor has she. Plus we have a ton of plants, really a jungle out there. Could they see if they looked, yes. The guy across has the best view, and it wasn't him.

I think it was just some weird guy saying something weird - and probably, if anything, talking about seeing me in Starbucks earlier or something.

Mike said...

I have to admit the first thing I thought was that he was talking about the Diva and the cops should be called. However since you say he was talking to you then not as worried. Couldn't hurt to tell the police so they can look around.

cathouse teri said...

So I sent you an email with a picture of the boyfriend. Did you get it?

Ba Doozie said...

was he hawt? no one has considered this

cathouse teri said...

Yes, hawtness is important. Leave it to Doozie to bring that up. :)

JustRun said...

Eeek, that's weird. Hopefully it was a fluke but I'd be watching just in case!

The Exception said...

Ba Doozie - That depends on your type. I didn't think so, but he wasn't "horrible" looking either! Now, were he hot, I would have left my number on his windshield!

Teri - I replied(?).

Just Run - We were watching for him yesterday afternoon. I am usually quite aware of my surroundings and now I am a bit more so.

justacoolcat said...

I walk around the house naked all the time. *shrugs*

If you've got it flaunt it.