05 July, 2007


It feels like Monday. Great, a week with 2 Mondays and I am still craving


I have been craving chocolate for about 10 days.

it is the oddest thing. When I am at work and have access to a little store with chocolate, I don't crave it. However, when I am at home and have finished a light dinner - I crave chocolate.

This wouldn't be a big deal if I was craving something like Cuba Vinci or a gourmet variety. I don't have easy access to those brands and, well, they are high quality chocolates. But no, not this craving. I am actually craving m&M's.

Yes, that's right, M&M's. Either the crunchy or the peanut butter variety.

Okay, so my craving isn't of the highest quality chocolate. And it is kind of embarrassing to admit that it is for M&M's, and yes, it would be easy to fill this craving by just popping off to the store and buying a bag. problem solved.

It isn't that easy.

Remember, I don't have cravings until I get home. The last thing I want to do when I get home is go out again just for M&M's. Additionally, I just don't think about it during the day, so I don't think to pick up M&M's when I am out and about. lastly, I don't like eating chocolate to fulfill a craving. I like getting to the root of the craving as it is a means of the body trying to get something.

And that is where I am...what does my body want?

I don't think it is really M&Ms - or is it?


JustRun said...

I think the same thing happens to me with cheesecake. Hey, being a chocolate hater, I have to have something.

TAG said...

That is so funny. I was eating an Almond M&M when I opened the thread.

Love those M&M's. Especially the Almond variety.


Scotty said...

We have peanut butter m&ms at work. I love them.

Bre said...

I keep a jar full of M&M's in my kitchen. I use them mostly for baking and decorating, but sometimes they're great just to munch on!!

The Exception said...

Sigh, Now I want M&Ms!

Willow said...

How can you resist a chocolate craving? You must have theee Best Will Power Ever! I not only can't resist, but I must keep chocolate in the house at all times. If I get a chocolate craving and there's no chocolate--then I make something from scratch. If I make something from scratch, it's usually worse for me than if I'd had M&M's--it's a no win situation for me:)

As to what the craving may mean.....well they say chocolate is a substitute for sex? In my case chocolate is the only sex I'm having. LOL

brookem said...

peanut m&m's are my downfall.
man, i need to catch up here! hope you had a nice 4th lady!

surfercam said...

"a week with 2 Mondays" - oh god, I couldn't think of anything worse!

The Exception said...

Another night went by without M&Ms.

Willow - I have lots I could make - even chocolate chips in the house. I want those M&Ms!

Brookem - I think I like all M&Ms but have yet to try the dark chocolate variety they have now.

Surfercam - That is how it feels when the holiday is on Wednesday. But we get two Fridays as well!

Mike said...

Probably it's green M&M's you are a wanting.

Scotty said...

Speaking of dark chocolate M&Ms, have you seen the ones that are about double the size of regular M&M? Scrumptious.

The Exception said...

Scotty - Thanks, I now have to try one!