09 July, 2007

Hot or Not

"You aren't swimming?" I ask of a dad as we walk into the pool house together. He used to swim with his daughter, a year younger than mine, each time they came to the pool. We were two of the parents that did join our child in the pool to play.


"I don't anymore as the pool is small and crowded with kids, " I said.

"I only have a Speedo."


"My wife says I can't wear it to the pool. Too...European."

We each disappear into the bathrooms - and I am thanking his wife. The man is very fit and just 46, but... I am not sure that a Speedo belongs at the pool - well, not with a majority of young girls swimming.

I don't have anything against Speedos. IN fact, I rarely see men wearing them, especially at community pools. I do find it interesting that women (and perhaps men) cringe at the idea of a man wearing a Speedo while no one minds too terribly much when a woman walks around in an ill fitting suit or one that is more skin than material.

A while back the Diva observed "That man is nude!"

"Seriously? Where?"

"He is over there mowing the lawn."

Thus I had to explain that it is okay for men to walk around, even outside the pool or beach area, without a shirt.

"But women can't."

"No, we can't."

At the pool yesterday I considered the things that people were wearing. The men in their trunks, most quite long in length. The women wearing a variety of outfits. I wondered what truly would happen if I didn't wear a shirt out and about? Crazy, yes, but honestly, there is a part of me that wants to try. The women at the pool were wearing tops that left little to the imagination. It is a very thin line between what they were wearing and going without anything at all.

Maybe I will give it a go.


Mike said...

I remember when I was still in NY their was abig fuss about this from women. They actually won and can go topless in certain areas. Very few women do, but it is interesting to be walking at the beach and have topless women just hanging out.

Croaker said...

It is legal for woman to walk around topless in Windsor OT, too but side from dancers outside of the clubs few do.

I don't see anythign wrong with it at the beach though ;)

Leiselb said...

I too have always wondered about this phenomena-- men being shirtless and women not....sigh....I say give it a try and see what happens. :-)

And I love that you join the kids in the pool...there is nothing more dull than watching parents who only know how to watch their kids and never engage with them....

Scotty said...

I LOVE the pool. And I have to admit that I have worn a speedo a number of times, although I have a very good excuse. I used to swim competitively :)

Bre said...

A good friend of mine always tans topless in her own backyard by the pool. Since it's ungodly muggy here in the summers, I've gotten quite used to seeing her bopping around shirtless all in the name of tan lines. And really? It's no big deal. Of course, the mailman occasionally seems a bit surprised....

Sarah Ashlee said...

It's funny...guys can do everything shirtless. They work in the yard shirtless, go to the beach/pool shirtless, workout shirtless...

You name it...they can do it sans top. Granted, I am a little bit conservative, but it's hard for me to even run in a sports bra. I have to be dying of heat in order to strip off that top.

Top or no top...I say "No" to Speedos. :)

The Exception said...

Mike - I can't truly imagine doing it but I think that women should be able to if they like - without men going nuts!
Croaker - OT? I think it would be a bit cold to do it there!

LeiselB - I love playing with her, but now there are lots of girls in the pool with whom she plays. No need for "mom" anymore. I do cartwheels with her etc. Part of the fun of having a kid is playing!

Scotty - And I am sure you looked simply fantastic in your Speedo. ;) Though, when it comes to swimmers, my eyes, at least, are more drawn to the fabulous muscle tone and chest than the suit.

Bre - I bet the mailman loves visiting her house. That is awesome that she does that. I am definitely tempted from time to time.

Sara Ashlee - I was talking about this just today - a bra often offers more coverage than a swimming suit top, and yet we do not wear them unless exercising or running. And, although it isn't fair, I do like seeing the guys, most of them at least, shirtless. But, like everything, there is a time and a place.

Anonymous said...

I've NEVER understood what the friggin difference is between a bikini top and walking around in your bra. I mean really....huh?

Seven Seas said...

First all, being a man I have to say Speedos (AKA grape smugglers) should never be worn. No one looks good in them, and they ride up something fierce. As for women going topless, I am all for it, fair is fair after all.

2xA+r0n said...

+1 to 7Seas.

There is nothing comfy about a speedo. I don't wear nut-huggers in any variety. Briefs or speedos.

Beth said...

Unless you are swimming in a race, I do not think that you should wear speedos out in public. A friend of mine used to tell me to never trust a man that wore swimming trunks or shorts above the knee!

The Exception said...

Ba Doozie - A bra is often the more conservative of the two.

Seven Seas - Spoken like a true man. It is because of "men" that we do not walk around topless, I am sure.

2xA - I wouldn't want to wear them either, were I you! ;)