24 July, 2007

Super Shades for This Super Mom

They are black.
They are Italian.
They exude "attitude."
After Friday, they are my all time favorite accessory.

A few weeks ago I decided that I truly needed to trade in my sunglasses from the mid 90's and find something that was more suited to my current persona and, well, contemporary styles. (Super mom does not do 90's shades!)

We walked into the store. I wanted something, dark, Italian, and with a frame that did not make me look like a bug.

I tried this pair, that pair, frames of various colors and shapes. And then... I found them.

There is something that happens when you know you have found the right item. Whether it be a dress, a car, a pair of shoes, or a pair of shades - everything just fits.

That said, the price didn't fit. Honestly, the price was out of control. We are talking plastic lenses and frames. Did I truly want to spend that much money on a pair of shades?

I kept looking and yet, nothing was as good. Nothing could even come close to comparing with the fit, look, and general attitude of these glasses.

I bought them. I love them! hey, if I can't find that magnetic chemistry with a man, I can at least find it with these glasses. They were made for me.

Last Friday I had a strange day - arrived at work to find that I have been assigned to "help" another guy who was given a project for coverage. I don't need the extra work or the coverage, but I will end up doing his project. I checked my schedule for the next two weeks, the preliminary suspense for this task. The Diva has ballet camp all week, in the middle of the day, meaning I am not working my regular hours. What a mess!

If that wasn't bad enough, at noon my manager announced that a great job landed in his lap and he is, we are all excited for him, resigning in two weeks. This throws my career into a bit of a tailspin as he was truly working to get me promoted in the next cycle.

I needed a change of scenery - a change of attitude as mine was not great Friday afternoon. I decided to join a friend for a quick snack.

The day was gorgeous. I slipped my shades on and immediately felt a spring to my step. Granted, I wasn't my usual self, but the shades definitely lifted my spirits just a tad.

We walked down the stairs and started down the sidewalk. I was walking, looking to my left, and... truly not watching where I was going.


I burst into tears.

I had walked right into the corner of an open door.

"Stop sweetie. let me see."

I kept walking. I wasn't crying over the bump - it truly did not hurt that badly. I was crying because everything from the morning just seemed to hit me at the moment. The door was the last straw.

I finally removed the glasses.

It was not a pretty sight. Typical head injury, the amount of blood was deceiving. It appeared as if I would need at least a hundred stitches based upon the blood! But I didn't.

We wandered into our favorite snack joint, found the bathroom, and cleaned the wound.

At this point I realized that I had probably ruined the glasses - after all, they are plastic! This upset me. These were my glasses - my favorite accessory. The idea of ruining them was so much worse than the idea of having a scar above my right eye. But I was brave.

We sat down. I continued the story of my day from where I had been interrupted, and we laughed, chatted, and discussed the likelihood of my having a black eye. And... we carefully examined my sunglasses.

And now, Sunday, I am typing this. My eye is purple; people are staring at me; and yet.. there isn't a scratch on my glasses.

Seriously, not a scratch.
Not a dent.
No nicks, bumps, bruises... Niente. Those fabulous shades are just like new!!

Now, if I could say as much for my eye...


Scotty said...

Now, are people staring because of your black eye... or because they love your glasses?

And I think it's great that the glasses didn't get ruined, maybe they'll give you that spring in your step again!

JustRun said...

Oh my gosh, you poor thing. Now those glasses are priceless, though.

The Exception said...

Scotty - definitely my eye as they only look when my glasses are atop my head. (Either that or they get lost in my eyes! ;) )

Just Run - They are amazing lasses. They proved themselves worth the price.

Mike said...

Well at least the glasses will hide your black eye.

The Exception said...

Mike - They did hide it until the bruise crept down my cheek just a tad. It will go away soon. Next time I will remember to watch where I am going - maybe? ;)

brookem said...

oh no sweetie! im sorry to hear about your eye! ouch. that has happened to me before too (not with the eye, but once i hit my head on the corner of my dresser- i started crying, not because it hurt, but because it was just THAT kind of day). anyway! at least your shades didn't get hurt. do we get to see a picture of them?

The Exception said...

Brookem - It seems that when I am having "one of those days" I will do something silly, like this, and the tears just gush. perhaps it is a way to make me feel better? I can usually laugh about it later! :)

Ah, yes, a picture....

Ryan said...

You have a good friend. If I had done that with any of my friends, they would have walked off pretending they didn't know me.... Don't ask me how I know this.

Keep that friend.

Mike said...

The last pair of glasses I bought I scratched while fencing after the first week. I was pissed and didn't want to pay for them again.

The Exception said...

Ryan - He loved your comment! He truly is a good friend, I am not letting him go anywhere. However, if he had hit the door... ;)

Mike - You need a pair of these Super Glasses!

brandy said...

Ahh days like that are the worst, but I'm glad you've got great shades to keep your spirits up! And this post is a fuel to my mom's theory that buying expensive can pay off! I wonder how really cheap sunglasses would have held up being rammed into a door??

Bre said...

When it comes to accessories, I always vote "Splurge!"

The Exception said...

Brandy - Mother's always know best!

I have actually wondered the same thing about cheap glasses withstanding such a blow. I like to think that they would have shattered, bent, or... something as they just aren't my "Super" model.

Bre - most definitely!

Have the T-Shirt said...

Ouch :(

justacoolcat said...

Gotta love a good design.

Ba Doozie said...

I'm having a hard time picturing how those glasses might look on a person, but I spose you won't post yourself in them eh???

I've had days like that, you just get to a breaking point and whammo, you're bawling

The Exception said...

T- Shirt - Yes, it hurt, but more the next morning than at the moment.

JACC - Model and style are everything!

Doozie - I tried to find them modeled online but couldn't and don't have any pictures of me wearing them.

I suppose we all have those days!