11 September, 2007

Best Birthdays; Tell me About Them

What was your most memorable birthday?
What would be a perfect way for you to spend your birthday?
A few days ago I had an e-mail about a wonderfully memorable birthday.  I mean, this was a fabulous day - great cooking, great fun, and adventure. 
I considered my own birthdays - which have been memorable in various ways - adult birthdays that is. 
What would be a fabulous way to spend my birthday?
Usually, in mid-September, the weather is perfect.  It is a nice time, in most of the world, to have a birthday.  
Paddle boating and picnicking on the river would be great fun.  
I would love to spend the day sailing.  
Time spent with friends and family... always a great way to spend a birthday.  
On my birthday this year, I know I will get lots of hugs and kisses.  I know I will share some quality time with loved ones and myself.  I know that I will have a fabulous dessert and fall asleep feeling content with my life.  
It will be a memorable birthday.  


Michael C said...

Well, my birthday is Christmas Eve. And it seems to fall on that day EVERY SINGLE YEAR. So, the memorable factor of my birthdays has always been tied into memories of Christmas and holiday celebrations. I love the holidays so I don't really mind, but it is an interesting component to celebrating my birthday...

ruby said...

It sounds like you're going to have a great birthday!

Mike said...

So what are you doing for your birthday? Inquiring minds want to know?

Scotty said...

At this moment, sailing. With some sandwiches for lunch, drinks, and good company.