05 October, 2007


Once again, our dear friend from the great state of Georgia has hit the nail on the head, so to speak. He commented: "Talk of your breasts and now sex? I don't need a scientific study to tell me you'd probably blog about both a little less if you got some action! :P" He ripped away the curtain and revealed my secret!

It truly isn't fair to burden all of you with all this talk of my body and sex simply because I am, as a sexy Aussie puts it, toey.

I ask that you guys simply stop and think about something for a minute.

Now, I am not complaining or anything but, honestly, how is a girl not to feel a little toey now and again when all these sexy men are reading what I write? It is like being in high school surrounded by all the popular guys and at a loss for words.

I mean, we are talking some guys with accents! *swoon* Some work with their hands – and who can resist a man with great hands, I ask you? Others are thought provoking, aw inspiring, and good for a few laughs. Still others have great feet, a nice ass, bedroom eyes, and killer smiles. I can’t forget those who ride motorcycles, sail boats, play on surfboards, sit fine in a saddle, and drive all manners of vehicles. There are those with dogs, cats, horses, and kids (which are not exactly pets, but...) Oh, and the men who are sincere,creative, charming, honest, quick witted, know how to turn a phrase, and appreciate women *sigh* I ask you, what is a girl to do?

Not that I am complaining, mind you. I enjoy what you guys have to say, but you have to forgive me for attempting to flirt a bit or talking about sex a tad. (If you could only read what I am really thinking!)

I seriously tried to fix the problem on Wednesday. I mean, I have a partial fix but definitely not a full solution. Sometimes things just don't work... but then that happens to all guys, right?

It is like Seinfeld said - and right now I can totally relate -

"To a woman, sex is like the garbage man. You just take for granted the fact that any time you put some trash out on the street, a guy in a jumpsuit's going to come along and pick it up. But now, it's like a garbage strike. The bags are piling up in your head. The sidewalk is blocked. Nothing's getting through."

That is exactly it. except there is no garbage man in sight - with working equipment. SO I am at a loss. I could do it myself, but that is a quick fix. Instead, I have been, as you might have noticed, talking about it all the time. And it seems like everyone else is too. It is an interesting topic - the different ways men and women view sex, attraction, etc. But, I have probably been talking about it a bit too much; I am a bit too interested of late.

Thus my secret has been revealed. I stand before you, the sexy men (and women) who read this, admitting that... I am just a wee bit... toey!


JustRun said...

I just learned the word "toey." I'm so enlightened.

I wonder if sexy men are reading what I write? Probably not, I haven't written about breasts this week. ;)

AaroN said...

Wow, I'm getting quite popular on this blog! But I also feel your pain, we all get like that at times. However, I've 1UP'd you, again. Having quite the sexy girlfriend, it's hard NOT to act out those urges. But it's a commitment we've both made (even before we met each other) so we (or more appropriately, I) stick by it. But I sensed your frustration in your writing. I was just surprised I was the first person to call you out. :D

And I read justrun's blog, too. Don't know who sexy she finds me, but if that sports bra ever lets her down (pun intended), I'll volunteer to run in tandem and hold her boobies up. :P

Scorpy said...

I could have written this post but obviously from the guys perspective :) I fantasise about the women that I have never seen but I can always imagine...female bloggers give me that flirtatious action that I don't get in RL...well, except for last weekend but that was indeed a rarity.
PS: I am Glad that I could convey the word TOEY to the world lol

Anonymous said...

what's worse, - no garbage man in sight, or garbage woman in sight but not up for it???

Wombat said...

Do I HAVE to wear a jumpsuit?

Scotty said...

Being single makes you even more toey. Crap, nevermind. That doesn't work, because when you enjoy spending time with someone it can be the same way. So much for that notion.

It truly isn't fair to burden
Not a burden!

If you could only read what I am really thinking!
Now I am curious... I wonder if some has to do with a list.

Thus my secret has been revealed.
and p.s. - it wasn't a secret :)

The Exception said...

JR - There you go, I know of at least one sexy man who reads your blog! I am sure that there are many more.

"Toey" is a fun word. Scorpy is the only one I have ever heard use it, but it is a fabulous word. Thanks Scorpy! (And if it is one you created, I am sorry to have borrowed it without permission.)

Aaron - What can I say, a southern gentleman always calls 'em as they see 'em with grace and style (and humor).

Wow! That is quite a commitment you have each made. I would imagine that it is difficult but something that means a loot to each of you. See, southern gentleman in spades!

Scorpy - Thanks for "toey." It is just such a fun word. Now, I am not sure that you will ever catch me using the word "footy" for football!

(And I, for one, am probably pretty happy that you can't read my mind - though if the reality is as good as my imagination... uh... where was I)

LB - Working equipment is... well... key at this point! ;)

Wombat - Now that would be funny, a wombat in a jumpsuit! ;) But no, that uniform is not required. Now, other costumes... hum...;)

Scotty - What do you mean it wasn't a secret! ;) Ah, yes, the list!! September has come and gone, my reservation was not honored... and thus, it is all... your fault that I am toey! ;) (Ahha, a scapegoat)

(And yes, it is a good thing that you don't know what I am thinking - all that nailing and drilling, and screwing...)

AaroN said...


Surely you jest.

cathouse teri said...

I don't go without sex.
That would be just silly.

JsTzznU said...

Not to mention Teri, VERY boring!! =)

Good luck fixing your "problem" Exception!

Scorpy said...

Rest assured that 'Toey' is a very common word in Australia and is oft used in the phrase "I'm as Toey as a Roman Sandal" see the Urban Dictionary for further explanation.

Wombat said...

Other costumes. You mean me as Ghengis Khan? Or a doctor with winning beside manner? Or Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights?

I wonder what your fancy is...

The Exception said...

Aaron - hum... how about a gentlman and a rebel?

Teri - I try not to either but sometimes, that is just how it works... or doesn't work.

JsTzznU - Thanks for the luck - I hope I don't need it! ;)

Scorpy - It is a great word. I wonder how long it will take to become regularly used here.

Wombat - Don't forget tarzan, pirate, super hero, cowboy, knight...so many options!

Wombat said...

How about Blogger as a dress-up fantasy?

We could pretend to not know each other, meet, and just "happen" to discover that we both write.

Okay, that's lame.

Tarzan it is, Jane.

Or Super Exception Girl.

Or Calamity-Lou.

Or Lady Exception.

Or Your Wenchness.

Hey, I'm not bad at this game.

The Exception said...

Hey Wombat, just a bit bored today are we?

What about Wonder Wombat?

Wombat said...

Is it that obvious?

If WW works for you, it works for me.

I picture you like Lady Penelope from the Thunderbirds, all grace, charm and razor-like intelligence.

Oh, and you have a pink Rolls-Royce, too.

That really was apropos nothing.

Boy, I am bored.

Bre said...

Like JR, "Toey" might be my new favorite word!

M said...

toey, yes - aren't we all? ;)

Michael C said...

Very, very interesting. It definitely is flattering to have the opposite sex read, comment and enjoy what we have to say, isn't it. I say flaunt, enjoy, play and be happy!!