04 October, 2007

How many times a week should men have sex?

The question is posed to the doctor at the microphone.  The man asking the question  knows the answer and would like the doctor to ensure that his wife, in a separate audience watching the same doctor, hears what the doctor has to say. 
The doctor begins by stating that American men have sex, on average, once a week.  For optimal health, however, they need to have sex (drum roll please) 4 times a week.  Yes, that is right, 4 (four) times a week. 
To clarify, they did not define sex so I do not know if another party must be involved in the activity.  Of course, I am sure that most men would prefer that there be a partner involved, no?
Four times a week. 
I consider my schedule, I could do that.  I might even enjoy that!  But... I am not sure that I know any men who could engage, with a partner, 4 times a week.  Such intimacy would require scheduling; his people talking to her people; sacrificing time from work, sleep, or gym... A lot of work would be required to coordinate 4 intimate moments a week with a partner. 
If men need to have sex 4 times a week for optimal health, what happens if they do not achieve such an average? 
Do they become bloated, moody, emotional, tired, depressed, or irritable?  Do they suffer from headaches and fatigue?Perhaps the build up of testosterone causes more aggressive and edgy behavior?  Maybe it is simply that they become desperate for some sort of release.
Biologically, I can understand the need for frequent release.  I wonder if there is a psychological benefit as well?  The discussion also left we wondering about women, how often do we need to have sex for optimal health?  (Perhaps I don't want to know as I am probably no where near close to that average!)


Scotty said...

I am pretty sure that the doctor didn't mean that someone else had to be involved. The same ending can be had by both without someone else, although speaking for myself its definitely not as enjoyable.

I am not sure that I know any men who could engage, with a partner, 4 times a week.

Really? I dont think I would put myself in that group.

I wonder if there is a psychological benefit as well?

Yes, but I believe that only comes if there are actual 'feelings' involved.

DatingReallyBlows said...


I can never get it enough. If I got it 7 times (nightly) a week, I would still stroke one off at least 4 times a week. WTF? Please, 4 times a week? Mayeb it is a married guy thing, maybe they do not want sex a lot because their wives suck at it or are just not attractive enough, I do not know, but all things considered I can see why anyone would want it less than 5 or 6 times a week.

AaroN said...

Talk of your breasts and now sex? I don't need a scientific study to tell me you'd prolly blog about both a little less if you got some action! :P

Mike said...

We guys know how to sacrafice when it comes to sex whether it be the gym, sleep, air, etc.

M@ said...

For my own health, I need to try harder.

M@ said...

and i thought cholesterol was something to worry about.

Laughing Boy said...

can you get this doctor to speak to my wife....she is always at me to improve my health, and now i can see it is all her fault!

(i had to re-read this post to confirm that it said 4 times per week, not per year!!!)

Have the T-Shirt said...

I've read that the more men orgasm, the healthier it is for their prostates. There have been studies that more frequent orgasms can reduce the chances of developing prostate cancer.

Now, I believe these studies are in fact, done by men, so the results may be purposely weighted. I'm not sure Laughing Boy didn't have a hand in the studies too ( no pun intended).

If I told you about the sex drive of B it would #1 embarrass him that I disclosed that information on the internet and #2 you wouldn't believe me anyway.

Let me just say, in my fifty years I've never met a man like him and I've known many men intimately ;). Suffice it to say four times a week would not be enough for B. Four times a day would be enough on a bad day.

cathouse teri said...

t Well my boyfriend better not be having sex four times a week, considering we live 450 miles apart!

I would PREFER to have sex at least once a day. :)

And so would he.

But no one requires such a thing.

cathouse teri said...

I forgot what I came here for.

(came.. hee hee)

Ms. E, can I see a picture of you with your clothes on, please? :)

Scorpy said...

Now are we talking Sex or Love because there is definitely a difference. Sex can be accomplished in mere minutes and is all about release as men release 'chemicals' that actually tell their body to rest afterwards (can't remember their names though) BUT love takes a whole lot longer and involves feelings, wanting, mutual pleasure and a whole lot of each other. Sex is a throw away but Love is the thing that keeps you coming back to the SAME person every time ;) Just my humble opinion though

The Exception said...

Scotty - Psychologically a partner probably is needed and emotions and... the whole tamale! And yes, with schedules and such, I do not know anyone that has time for 4 times a week, regularly. Remember, I work with older married men etc.

DRB - I am definitely not saying that men don't want it all the time - just how often it truly fits into their schedules! And yes, I am talking older guys. You young things have great libidos!

Aaron - You discovered my secret! Shhhh, don't tell!

Mike - *sigh* oh how I wish this were true. I know plenty of men who would work or sleep or go to the gym despite their claims that they would rather have sex.

M@ - At least you can have fun staying healthy!!

LB - It was actually said by a Dr. OZ on Oprah (I happened to be home and thought the topic was interesting as was the audience). And, well, sorry to say, but if Scotty is correct, you can stay healthy without her participation. ;)

T-Shirt - Ok, he has to have a brother!!

That is what the good doctor said, all for the health of the prostate!

Teri - Now I doubt he is doing much of anything without you - he knows a great thing when he sees it/feels it/ etc!

Picture - now you don't ask for much do you? I have loads of the PG variety but few of the G - hum... will see what I can come up with.

Scorpy - Love is much more of a holistic experience - not just love but intimacy that includes physical and emotional nuances. I agree on this but am curious, haven't you ever been with the throw away sex partner who does this or that (no emotion involved) that is worth a return visit, or two or three etc?

Scorpy said...

Yes...there has definitely been the 'throw away' partner but I just thought that I would clarify the distinction between making love and having sex ;)

The Exception said...

Scorpy - Throw away sex is great for a quick fix. It is even better when you find someone with whom you enjoy it enough to go back various times. But, in the end, an emotional connection makes the experience that much better. Once those feelings are there, it is a whole new world. (Whether it be love or an intimate friendship that is singular to that relationship)

Anonymous said...

Well every couple is different.I am married for 11 years now. We have sex 4-5 times a week.In initial years of marriage, It was more :)

Anonymous said...

been married for 5 yrs. sex once in 3 months!

Anonymous said...

Well, I married for 25 years. I still love to have sex at 2/3 times per week. When newly married, it was at least 10 times per week. Enjoy....don't think too much about frequency.

Eno ekanem frezzup said...

Its much fun been here, thanks for enlighting me...............

Anonymous said...

I am 62 and wife is 58.We go once or twice a day,4-5 times a week.She does not like in the morning ,it makes her sluggish.I can go any time even when I am tired,I am never tired for it.

CHEEMA Roy said...

I do sex in a week 28 Time in a week