19 December, 2007

Did Someone Say "Lust?"

Part of my morning routine includes listening to the radio.  You know, the radio station that just hits on the basics of the news each morning; the highlights if you will.  Usually this means politics and Iraq, but every once in a while I hear something completely unexpected.  Something that makes me wonder if there is nothing happening in the area, country, or world worth reporting.  Like this morning....
"America's most lustful cities..."
Seriously?  Someone studied this? 
And yes, seriously, someone did... or kind of did as it isn't a complete study but one conducted purely based on the market place and the sale of over the counter contraceptives. 
Intrigued, I had to listen to the report in full (all 30 seconds of it) and then... I had to find the actual article
Interestingly enough, the DC metro area is in the top 10.  (I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing so am uncertain as to whether I should be celebrating this accomplishment)
I expected the top cities to be LA, New York, Dallas/For Worth, Chicago, perhaps even Boston and Seattle or Phoenix. 
The city taking its place as the most lustful city in America is... Denver, Colorado!!  
Okay, I can see this.  It is cold in Colorado and, well, what else do people do when the nights are long and it is dark and cold...?
According to the article, the results might be based upon the age of the population.  Denver has a young professional population.  Not to mention all the college students and people who go to enjoy the natural wonders. 
And now, if you will excuse me, I need to do some research on Denver... I wonder if there are any open positions requiring my skill set?


brookem said...

Interesting! I need to do some more traveling.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is interesting. I would have thought the big cities to be at the top of the list as well!

The Dummy said...

No way! I can't believe Seattle ranked so high. I lived there for a long time, and people really do just keep to themselves. I think they even called it The Seattle Freeze because people are so anti-social. I hope for all my friends up there that this report is true!

KennethSF said...

I find it quite amusing that the Forbes article ("America's Most Lustful Cities," Rebecca Ruiz, December 17) includes quotes from an expert named Semans. Who better to comment on sexual activities and orgasms than someone by that last name.

The re-awakening of an Athlete said...

We are a lustful city?! Hmmm. I guess I am sort of lustful and doing my part on contraceptive buying, but I would not say that I am young anymore.

I guess there are a few colleges (3 I think) near central Denver, but otherwise most are in Boulder, Fort Collins and Greeley.

Natural wonders in Denver ? - Beats me. Scratching my head in amazement. Of course - outside Denver that is a whole nother thing - natural wonders up the kazoo!

You know - perhaps I will do a week's worth of Blogs on the city of Denver (And surrounding suburbs)-next month

Me lustful. Oops - we (meaning Denver) is lustful. "The Lustful Rise & Fall of an Athlete" has a nice ring to it.

JustRun said...

It must not be the same just outside Denver-- 'cause here I am, not feeling very lustful at all.

Bre said...

Hmmm... Maybe I need to rethink the new adjunct from Denver... :-p

The Exception said...

Brookem - My thoughts exactly!

Emmalightened - I was kind of surprised as well, but given that they were studying only over the counter contraception sales... you never know. At least Denver is a city that is sexually aware.

Dummy - Well... The Seattle Freeze seems to be heating up and melting!

Kenneth - I noted that as well... She must be quite the expert!

Reawakening - I like the rise and fall title... very clever. The article contained a statement regarding the sexual education that has been taking place in Colorado... which might have something to do with their contraceptive sales! I will have to read what you write on Denver.

JR - A night in Denver might be an idea - you could be our on the spot reporter along with the Reawakening?

Bre - Worth considering - you just never know!

AaroN said...

That was a worthless study. It would seem to me that a more logical study of the most lustful cities would inclue the sell of porn, not contreceptives.