25 February, 2008

a few of my favorite places...

When Just Run suggested that I write about my favorite place(s), I immediately thought of flip flops, beach chairs, boats, sand, sun, and relaxing... because that is what I imagine her favorite place to be.  (Funny that she inspires such images when I know her only from her site)


And I wish that I had a favorite place.  A place that is about doing nothing but being.  A place that is for relaxing and losing track of time. 


But I don't.  I know lots of people that have such places.  Friends dream about and anticipate trips to Florida's coast line or Bermuda or even their annual beach trips to Maryland.  They anticipate the lack of phone, e-mail, and mostly schedules. 


I wish I was one such person sometimes.  I wish I had a place that was about relaxing and kicking back. 


Instead, I am the person who relaxes through exploration and discovery; through actions and movement.  I spent a week, one December, on the west coast  of Ireland.  each day I would walk five miles to the coast where I would sit for about thirty minutes eating lunch before I walked the five miles back to the house.  And this was relaxing. 


I loved it. 


The west coast of Ireland, therefore, qualifies as one of my favorite places.  The cliffs, the Atlantic, the lack of population, and the Irish people and culture.  There is nothing not to love about Ireland's west coast.  It is another world, another time, and amazingly relaxed and down to earth.  It is a place where I think I could actually find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.   


Another of my favorite places has to be... the "City by the Bay"... San Francisco that is.  I love the North Bay as well, but... my dream house is located in San Francisco.  There isn't much that I don't love about San Francisco.  It is a city where nature and civilization meet.  When one needs to escape the city, green spaces or the ocean are just... right there.  Plus, there is food, art, culture, diversity, opinions, and an airport that can take one anywhere! 


I am nothing if not slightly eclectic with a bit of a diverse taste.  I love Moscow, Russia.  Though I have spent such a short period of time in this foreign city, I loved it.  The history, the political intrigue, the subway stations that rival so many museums... and a culture that is vastly different than my own. 


Tucson, Arizona also makes my list.  Yes, I know - Ireland and Tucson... there is probably nothing about these locations that is similar. That is probably more of a reflection of my personality than I want to delve into at the moment. 


I love Tucson though.  If you have never been, Tucson has the most amazing blue skies that are most often cloudless.  The city is surrounded by mountains, so I feel as if I am in an amazing natural embrace.  And the colors... passionate and warm, bright and full of life despite that the harsh desert climate leaves one to think otherwise. 


(And it is a dry heat!)


Coronado also makes the list - there are natural beaches that are about nature, cliffs and rocks, waves and wind.  Then there are the beaches that are about swimming and having fun.  In this latter category, there isn't a beach in the lower 48 that rivals Coronado.  White sands, blue waters, and hot bodies


Oh so many places that I love... Virginia is just amazing, and I love Boston for reasons all its own.  Italy, what is there not to love about Italy?  Other locations require much greater exploration, like Australia and Scandinavia, and the US.  Oh, and I have so many other places yet to visit... *sigh*


There are so many other places that make my list - I just can't pick one, or two, or even three.  I don't know that I have been to a place I didn't like, and I would return to most of them a second, third, or forth time. 


Plus, there are so many other places yet to explore.  Perhaps one of them might be my favorite?  Perhaps there is some where, out there, that will end up being "the" place where I can kick back, relax, and enjoy myself without having to explore, discover, and absorb everything possible


Thank you Just Run for this idea.


brookem said...

The Ireland destination really intrigues me. And hey, we all "relax" in our own way. If yours is by discovering and exploring, that's okay!

Dave said...

I'm officially depressed. Some of your's are on my list, and I won't get to them all.

I've always wanted to go to two places. Ireland and New Zealand. I really have to actually plan and go.

As to Tucson, I've been twice and loved much about it; but, getting from A to any B was much too much time.

Two suggestions, one generic and one specific. Generic: Santa Barbara, one of the most beautiful places on earth. Specific: Largo Lodge, mile marker 101.5 in Key Largo, FL. Go to largolodge.com and tell me you aren't in love.

Seven Seas said...

I've always wanted to go to Ireland, I'll get there someday.

I love Hong Kong, quite possibly my most favorite city on earth. Looking across the bay at night with the city lit up like a huge Christmas tree is amazing.

Free mantle Australia is also great. White sand beaches with crystal clear water, friendly population, laid back atmosphere.

Kat Wilder said...

I try to make my favorite place the one I'm in at the moment.

Still, I've always wanted to go to England ....

Scotty said...

I liked this, and I am not sure if I could pick just one favorite place. As different places can be favorites for different reasons.

And, youll be happy to know that I went to Coronado just 2 weekends ago :)

Enigma said...

My favourite places are any where new.

BeautifulDisaster said...

did you grow up in a small town in northeastern Arizona?

The Exception said...

Brooke - Ireland is magic in its own way. Many people prefer the east coast, but for me... I love the west and the north. Let me know when you are ready to start planning your trip!

Dave - I have heard wonderful things about the Keys. I will have to try them. As for the destinations, you are right, just make a point, plan, and go!

SS - Of I loved Free mantle too! Hong Kong is on my list as is so much of Asia. One of my friends loves northern Thailand.

Kat - That is pretty much my philosophy too - I fall in love with so many places, but there are only a few in which I could live.

Scotty - I couldn't pick just one. It was hard enough coming up with just a few. I am curious as to what your answer would be.

Enigma - New is fun - exploring the unknown. I love to revisit a place and finding the new to me... as there are always things and places to explore. So many places; so little time.

BD - Ah, interesting question. North central AZ would be the area around the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff, no? ;)