14 March, 2008

Easter Bunny Blues

I try, very hard, to keep Easter low key in my house.  There is a basket, chocolate, dyed eggs, and a little "something" in the basket just for fun.  This is usually a book or two.  I have to be very careful what goes into the basket and the duration that the basket is without protection because... it is possible that it will be investigated and completely searched by the resident security patrol, aka the cats. 
A few weeks ago, a friend suggested that I do what she does and put the basket outside my front door.  The bunny, after all, is quite busy and doesn't have time to enter each and every house.
Now, that might be a good idea.  Such a move would shake up the Diva just a bit as it is a change to the "traditional" way we have done Easter, but it will protect the goodies from the head of house security and his deputies. 
Not that there is really anything in the basket to investigate and inspect this year.  I have been a bit lax in my annual bunny duties. 
I know what I want in my basket - Venchi chocolate and sapphires, but when it comes to filling a basket for the Diva...*sigh* I just don't know. 
While other mothers have discussed all the cute things that they have found to fill their children's baskets, I have experienced a mind block.  No ideas.  No creative inspirations.  Nothing.  This bunny is clueless as to good basket fillers this year. 
In an attempt to amend my ways, I jokingly told my mom about my lack of inspiration.  I told her that the Diva wants a pair of Sandals, perhaps the  Easter bunny could bring her those.  And guess what people, the sandals will arrive early next week and will appear in her basket!
I recruited her dad to do some candy shopping - chocolate eggs with toasted rice and chocolate eggs with peanut butter.  She is good to go thanks to his help.  I feel incredibly lazy!
The Diva loves chocolate carrots, so that is the last thing on my list.  Right now, we are having difficulty finding them, but I am sure that we will - I hope. 
Dyed eggs, sandals, chocolate... why do I feel like this basket is missing something?  What am I missing?


Mike said...

Jelly beans and Peeps. Can't have Easter without Peeps.

Doozie said...

I'm fairly sure I am going to fail at this eater thing. I just don't have it in me. EAT THE DAMN HALLOWEEN CANDY FIRST FOR THE LOVE OF PETE

Doozie said...

easter thing

yeah...i'm drunk

The Exception said...

Mike - Ah, the southern favorite... Peeps. We actually don't do those though her dad will often bring some by. They are too sweet for her or something. She won't eat them.

Doozie - Join the club. I sent the Halloween candy to Iraq.

brandy said...

This basket sounds great, but I have to say- although jellybeans are loaded with sugar, they were a mainstay in my Easter basket growing up. God bless my parents.

SonjaB said...

Hey, just stopping by for the first time. What about a solid chocolate bunny with the long ears everybody likes to eat first?

Beth said...

Along with candy, I usually got books and jewelry in my Easter basket. Target usually has cute bracelets and things pretty cheap.

AaroN said...

I think I'm the one missing something. Cats eat chocolate?

Speaking of peeps:

Kathryn said...

a stuffed bunny - at 39 I still get one every year from my mother

my sister gets a lamb

and a china egg cup - I have quite the collection now

Carrie said...

Sudoku? A new pair of Easter coloured leggings for the Diva's dancing school?

The Exception said...

Wow such great ideas!

The Diva is a strange kid - she likes chocolate but does not like sticky or sugary things. Jelly beans, in my house, last for years until I throw them away. The same with peeps, suckers, hard candy... That's right, a kid who doesn't like sugar!

I was going to throw a cute T that she wanted in the basket, but shopping and sneaking around with the Diva in hand just doesn't work!

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.