17 March, 2008


Food seems to be a common topic in my life of late.  Perhaps it is because Easter is around the corner.  Delightful chocolate eggs and bunnies seem to be everywhere.  Or perhaps it is that visitors are arriving soon.  I am anticipating evenings out exploring the area and dining on fresh pasta, produce, and shrimp.   
Or maybe it is because a group of us now do lunch, every week, in-between one ballet class and rehearsal.  We talk and laugh and eat.  Can life get better than that?
Thus, a day does not go by without a conversation about food or eating.
Tuesday, a ballet adult brought in homemade, fresh and warm, spring rolls!  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  They were amazing.  Having never had homemade/fresh spring rolls, I was not prepared for the difference between these and my local Chinese delivery version.  (I don't know that I will ever eat another commercially produced spring roll again)
Being that there are just two of us in my house, and that each of us has a different and discerning palate (we are both somewhat on the picky side), I do not cook.  I am happy pulling something out of the freezer or throwing together a sandwich knowing that we will both be happy with the result. 
But wow... after having those spring rolls, I considered the reality that I might actually be missing something.  Perhaps I need to attempt to cook, if only every now and again. 
One look at my schedule and energy level and I realized that fresh pasta and homemade spring rolls are probably not a reality in my near future. 
I suppose that this is just one more reason why I need a man around... one that can cook that is!


KennethSF said...

You might need a very specific man--a man who knows how to make spring rolls. How about Martin Yan from Yan Can Cook? :-P

Dave said...

Nah, you don't need a man; but, a guy type recipe seems to be in order. I, not a great cook, offer the following lauded recipe, loved by men and women. I'm not sure about nine year old girls. And it is easy and quick:

A couple of slices of prosciutto per person.

On top of them, a couple of fairly thick slices of very ripe, flavorful tomato. Don't do it with less than great tomato, it ruins it.

Next, slice a Vialia or one of the other super-sweet varieties of onion and put a couple of rings on the tomato, thinner is better unless you really like onion.

Now crumble fresh mozzarella on top. Another similar soft chesse will work.

Sprinkle capers if you like thim.

Drizzle your favoite vinaigrette, I think clear is better than the creamy ones for this.

Quick, easy and delicious. Enjoy.

Michael C said...

I love food...eating it, talking about it, watching TV about it and occasionally making it. Fortunately, I love exercise, too.

cathouse teri said...

Cooking is important.
And so is sitting down to eat it together.

Stop not doing that!

The Exception said...

Kenneth - Sure, he could work!

Dave - That does sound good. Will have to try.

MC - Exercise is key, especially when you love food!

Teri - Sitting down together is very important. I don't place a high priority on it simply because we spend so much quality time together talking and catching up on our daily walks. I have a feeling that this will change in the near future though.

JustRun said...

Oh my, a cooking man, even if he is just making breakfast, would be fabulous.

The Exception said...

JR - I completely agree. I explained to a friend just last week that I would happily be the bread winner if I could come home to homemade meals!

ruby said...

oh now I need that spring rolls recipe!

AaroN said...

You don't cook? I actually find that surprising!

ric said...

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