26 March, 2008

In Search of Quality Television Programming

I fear I have entered mid-life. I find myself feeling nostalgia for the TV that I watched and enjoyed years ago. Not only do I want to watch these shows, but I want to share them with my child.
Poor thing!
I can't buy complete DVD versions of all the silly shows that I used to watch, so I have to pick and choose. Which will provide the Diva an idea of classic television, good comedy, and simple fun?
For some, I think, that I Love Lucy would be on this list. I remember watching reruns of it as a child and, well, it just was beyond me I think. In other words, I just didn't get it.
One of my childhood favorites was Facts of Life, and I enjoyed watching the Love Boat once I was old enough to watch. Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley were both childhood staples. But when you are picking a series to purchase, it has to be something that you won't mind watching over and over and over again.
A friend asked her husband to find "an episode or two" of Little House on the Prairie for their 8 year old daughter. He bought the "entire" series! I hope that the little girl enjoys the show! (And I know where I can borrow an episode if so desired)
I am trying Mork & Mindy (which I loved) and one of my parents favorites, The Beverly Hillbillies.
The Diva fell in love with the Hillbillies, Granny in particular. I didn't remember how innocent the show was and yet how simple and funny.
There are other consequences to my search for quality television; unforeseen consequences.
The Diva now walks around with a wonderful Hillbillies accent straight out of the Ozarks. If this isn't bad enough, throw in the reality that she has an everyday vocabulary that doesn't belong to an 8 year old and... wow... it is quite the conversation to hear.
At least she isn't ending words with "amoondo!"


Have the T-Shirt said...

I loved Bewitched...the whole idea of twitching your nose and making things appear...or disappear...that really appeals to me...still!

Oh, and I loved Batman, the campy one....biff...oof...pow!

pneumoniaBoy said...

Diva mimicing the Beverly Hillbillies? That has got to be comedy gold, right there.

TAG said...

When my kids were her age or a bit younger, they spoke with a Canadian accent. Why? The stuff they were watching on TV. That's when I knew it was time to cut back on their watching.

As for the old shows, I loved WKRP in Cincinnati. But, don't look for that show on dvd in our lifetimes. Getting the rights to do dvd's of that show would require securing the rights to every song they play in the background while the show is on. The folks in syndication say this show is nearly impossible.

BTW, don't feel alone in liking "The Facts of Life".


Wombat said...

The Beverly Hillbillies! I loved that show.

Texas Tea.

Cement pond.

And that guy who was their bank manager.

(All this quite exotic for a young Aussie lad, I can tell you.)

You're right, Exceptional One, it was innocent. So neat the Diva laughs at it.

Kathryn said...

the ENTIRE Little House series? Lucky!!!

to Tag: what, exactly, is a "Canadian" accent? being Canadian, I am interested - also, what shows were they watching that made them speak so??

my vote: H&R Puff n' Stuff

The Exception said...

T-Shirt - I loved that one too, especially Endora!

Aaron - Ah, she does a great job but there is only so much of it I can take in a sitting!

TAG - What shows did your kids watch? I thought Canadians largely spoke like Americans outside the "A" and that is regional, isn't it?

We don't watch TV except on weekends and then it is not for long.

Wombat - An Aussie trying to speak Hillbilly would be fabulous to hear!

Kathryn - I have to admit that I have never heard of those shows?

M said...

I'm a BIG fan of buying entire series of shows on DVD. I have...well let's just say, quite a few.

I loved shows like Bewitched, Mr Ed, Happy Days, Gidget, The Golden Girls, Murphy Brown, Quantum Leap.

One of my students last year, who was about 7, came and told me that her favourite show was Little House.. Her mother had bought ALL the series available on DVD and they were going through them as a family. They really don't make TV for the whole family anymore. Anyway, the point it, she LOVES it.