04 March, 2008

The Letter

When seeking writing challenges, Aaron suggested that I try this.

Despite my love for letter writing, this one is a bit of a challenge, but... here goes nothing,

Dear Exception at 27,

The next ten years are going to blow you away. I am not going to tell you what happens and spoil the surprises that await, just know that there are going to be some rough spots but that the good is going to far outweigh the bad. You will, as always, get through it and grow stronger with each experience.

Hold on to the feelings you have right now - the passion and the love for life. You are the freest right now that you will probably ever be. Enjoy it. have fun on the beach with "That Guy" when he asks you to go. Live every moment to its fullest!

Be flexible. The adventures that are coming don't have anything to do with foreign travel or exotic locales. They are all of the domestic variety. There are challenges ahead in that you will have to learn to be happy in one place over moving every year... and that passport, well, *sigh* just remember that adventure doesn't have to involve airplanes and passports.

The two men you are closest to now, well, they will be a part of your life in ten years as well. If nothing else, you have great taste in men and in friends. Don't lose faith in them when they act like "men." Jus know that they treasure you just as you treasure them. (There will be other great guy friends too, but probably none, thus far, as good as these two)

Your idea of love and trust will be tested and tested again. Hang on to what you believe as those definitions will pull you through. Continue to be honest with yourself as well as with others. Do love. Do not be afraid to tell people, oh, except "That Guy" as he will get the wrong idea due to his own definition of love.

And the international economics... you will never use it in your real job. You will meet a fabulous economist who will be your "go To Guy" on all things economic. Just learn how to talk the talk and understand the language... and you'll be fine.

In a few years you are going to feel absolutely beautiful and attractive. If I can give you anything, let me give you this. Do not let that feeling go. Keep it with you. Tuck it away somewhere and don't let anyone take it away. Things are going to get tough. Because of different things in the future, you might find yourself forgetting just how beautiful and desirable you are. Don't let that happen! Keep strong.

There will be love and laughter, tears and sadness. There will be loss but there also will be gain. You will accomplish great things but not where you expect to do so right now.

Regardless of all that you experience, remember to learn from it, grow from it, and keep living fully in the moment. You are an amazing person; exceptional. So many others know that... and maybe in ten years you are starting to learn it too.

The Exception at 37


AaroN said...

Excellent example.

Even if I haven't walked the walk. ;)

(Ok, ok! Yet! I've had to divide my time between blogs.)

justrun said...

Well done.

Now if someone would write mine. :)

Bre said...

So very awesome! I wish my future self would write me a letter and explain some things... haha

The Exception said...

Aaron - Yes, it is your turn. I can't wait to read what you write.

JR - I only did it because Aaron challenged me. It is a challenge to write such a letter.

Bre - I can pretend to be your future self: "You will travel to London and have a wonderful time."

Michael C said...

Very well done! I've seen a few of these letters around. I wish I had written one to my older self when I was younger.

We should never forget how great we used to be or still are. Though it is hard to remember when we wake up in the morning and feel 90.

enigma said...

Fantastic...as are you, cheers my dears. A toast to 10 years that you have done so well by, and the next 10 will be even better (trust me, I,m a phychic LOL)

The Exception said...

MC - Now that might be a funny post for you. Write to your 40 something self!

Thank Enigma. I am looking forward to another 10 years of the unexpected and the adventure - and, believe it or not, sorrows and great happiness.

Michael C said...

That's a great idea. I just might have to do that!!