19 March, 2008

One Doth Complain Too Much

A while back a friend asked if I ever complain.  I thought this was an interesting question as, honestly, I don't complain much.  I find myself sad once in a while as there are people out there who just don't understand all of life and such that they are missing.  Sometimes, that sadness turns into frustration which comes across as anger. 
But I honestly don't complain much. 
There are probably a few reasons for this. 
I don't have the time to complain.  Honestly, there is so much happening in my life, so many other things that I need to be planning and considering - complaining is time consuming and takes energy.  Energy that I just don't have as I am busy investing it elsewhere. 
That said, I probably have plenty I could complain about, I just don't go there often.
The primary reason is probably because I listen to others complain, a lot.  And, it, gets, old.  
Everyone needs to rant or vent from time to time.  We need that outlet - that release.  I can not only relate but happily admit that I engage in this activity with great passion and fervor!
But at some point, the vent, rant, and complaining become extreme.  There are times when I fear picking up my phone when it rings because I just can't listen to any more.  I know that the person on the other end is not happy.  I know that life is not pleasant right now.  I want so badly for that to be different; for change to occur and happiness to arrive. 
The vent, rant, and complaining leave me feeling hopeless, helpless, and raw. 
The last reason I don't complain much is because it doesn't do much good.  Once I vent, that negative energy is out of my system, and I am ready to move forward.  If the situation becomes such that I have the need and desire to complain all the time... I change the situation. 
Life is too short to spend it complaining and feeling such emotions.  I want to spend my time being happy rather than being demoralized and depressed; filled with the emotions that provoke complaints. 
I suppose that I do complain a little - I complain when others complain too much! 


Dave said...

Complaining, for the sake of complaining gets you nowhere. As you say, a vent or two now in then is good. I think it was Henry Ford II back in the 60's got caught with someone not his spouse and said "never complain, never explain." Not quite on topic, but I always like the line.

cathouse teri said...

I used to tell my kids that all complaints would have to be in writing. Cut down the complaints a LOT! :)

The Exception said...

Both interesting philosophies. I just get so tired of hearing complaints over and over and over again. And when the complaint rarely changes... ugh!

AaroN said...

I tend to agree. I'd enjoy complaining, but nobody listens anyway. That's what keeps it real for me - let's be honest. ;)