20 March, 2008

Winters Farewell; Hello Spring

Winds howling through the trees, whispering tales from the snowy north
Ice clinging to trees and surfaces, turning everything into a bejewel shimmering spectacle
Northern territory inspired attire bedecking people who scurry from car to buildings
Thermals and flannels, down and mukluks, scarves, mittens, hats, and gloves
Enjoying the muffled nature of the snow; the brightness of midday seen through the window at midnight. A different world.
Rest, a time to restore and replenish. Retreating inside to warmth and restoration.
Snowflakes falling, delicate and wet, creating a wonderland for the imagination.
Frost less frequent
Air growing warmer
Refreshing is the morning with bird songs a plenty
Earlier the sun does rise; later it sets
Winds change directions, once from the north, now from the south
Eyes, once starved for color, feast upon natures changes
Last vestiges of winter remain through March
Languishing as long as possible, winter clings with cold nights and occasional late storms.
Helplessly winter succumbs
Enters spring, tip toeing gracefully, silently awakening, making nature its own
Life blossoms, grass greens, birds sing, trees bud,
Laughing brooks bubble as their icy tops disappear and their banks fill with water from winter melting
Oranges, yellow, pinks, purples, greens and blues - nature comes to life
Spring has sprung - from a slow beginning it picks up speed
Pollen fills the air marking its overwhelming presence
Rain replaces snow, ensuring the most vivid of springs colors
I adore spring - its magic and its color
Nights are cool - windows open, breezes blowing, quilts close at hand
Gorgeous is spring - a breath of fresh air and splendor before summer begins.
As the Diva and I have worked our way through spring break, we have written various poems.  This is my attempt to write an acrostic poem to celebrate the beginning of spring. 


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Kat Wilder said...

And a lovely poem it is, too.
Thanks for sharing it.
Dancing, poetry, insight ... lots to love here.