21 March, 2008

Spring Break

I remember spring break being the best thing in the world.  It was a week of fun and sun; a week of sleeping in and having absolutely nothing to do. 
Now that I am the parent of a child who has spring break, I no longer look forward to it with such anticipation or excitement.  Even though she gets spring break, I do not. 
So, this week has been a balancing act.  Trying to take time to enjoy her vacation while also finding the time to do what was required at work.  Not an easy task.
A few hours at work each day , a few hours at home, and many hours having fun.  We have written poems, played with pictures, and the Diva turned part of the house into an ever changing construction site.  
Today spring break officially ends, but we still have a few more adventures planned to be shared with our house guest who arrives Saturday evening.  (We are going to check out some caves and take a tour of the White House)
We are rested and ready to go.  We are ready for Easter and all associated activities.  Spring has sprung, and we are dressed in shorts and T-shirts to celebrate its arrival!
Despite my earlier reservations, this spring break has been fun.  (Cleaning the house tomorrow before guests arrive... that will be a different story entirely!)


Mike said...

Yeah trying to find week long child coverage is never fun.

cathouse teri said...

Nah. It's not in the breaks that we find the things that matter. Those "few hours here, few hours there" times are the things you should be looking forward to.

It's when you're living life to the fullest. :)

Remember ~ if you love life, it will love you right back!

enigma said...

TE, you remind me so much of myself when i was younger, i used to take my son to work with me....and i treasure the memories of all the construction (lego) sites we built together.

KennethSF said...

Eek! You just reminded me of something I've been procrastination for quite some time--Spring cleaning. Would the Diva feel comfortable if you share some of her poems in your blog?

pneumoniaBoy said...

I've checked out a few caves, but never been to the White House. (Sometimes, it helps to live close to DC - except in a nuclear attack.) ;)