02 April, 2008


After my meeting, I chatted with a friend about all that I had learned (or not learned as the case was).  Mostly, I talked about the people. 
There were about 70 people at the meeting... lots of old people, very few young.  Like the gentlemen who sat in front of me had to be in their 40's or fifties and those next to me were definitely above 35.  There were a few younger gentlemen (cute too) that were a few rows up.  They were probably early 30's. 
Then I stopped and considered.  What about me? 
I am nearing my late 30's with increasing speed and yet, I sat and considered the people around me as if I were ageless... or at least somewhere in my late 20's.  It didn't occur to me until the conversation that, to anyone else in that room, I appeared to be "old" just as they appeared to me. 
"You don't look like you are nearing 40." my friend commented this morning, "Especially when your hair is down and you are dressed professionally."
As young as I might have looked yesterday, I do not know that I look either as young as I feel or whether I look as old as I am, if not older.
It seemed, as I walked the halls at lunch, that I am neither young or old. 
I saw many women, in their 20's... heels clicking, voices echoing, quickly walking as if the world was theirs and only they had the answers.  I saw older men, years of experience under their belts.  They walked with purpose and confidence, appearing to be completely unaware of the younger women swarming around them on their way to save the world.
But where was my generation - those in that decade between their early 30's and early 40's?  That generation that is ageless in that we are neither young or old - not yet established and yet not without experience.  The decade in which age becomes a number of which we are only occasionally aware.  
That is my age.  Perhaps that is how I appear as well... confident and yet excited by the world and all that it offers; aware that I do not have the answers and will not save the world, but excited by the challenges and ready to jump into the world of innovative thinking.  I have experiences and knowledge, but only enough to realize that there is always more to learn.


Mike said...

You never mentioned if it was a skin market or not. If everyone was that old maybe it was a good thing.

The Exception said...

Mike - Not that I could see - but I didn't see anyone in their offices but in the cold halls heading for lunch etc. Where I was, the women were very much covered - head to foot.

Tiny said...

I am going to turn 40 soon, and yet I often forget about my age. Sometimes, I still think I am in my early 30s. I am still single and I feel sad that the chance of finding someone decreases as my age increases. The only thing I need to remember is to dress according to my age. I sometimes forgot and I almost bought some clothes that seemed to be more appropriate for people in their 20s. Other than that, I don't mind that much about getting old.

The re-awakening of an Athlete said...

Here's me - late thirties and I do not wonder about my generation, so to speak.

Since my birthday in the beginning of the year - I have not been carded for alcohol =(.

I knew that those days were going to come, but now I am actually trying to get carded.

Ageless no more? well... I am now beginning to think I am getting on years, but not worried about it.

And in closing I do agree with you - I too am confident and excited only to things to things that may interest me.

teahouse said...

I'm part of your generation. I think most of us are stuck in the office late, trying to make our mortgage/rent payments AND pay off our student loans!!

We're run ragged at a young age..we came of age along with the realization that we couldn't count on the gov't to provide job security or health insurance or retirement, and we're all on our own!

enigma said...

The older you get, the more ageless you feel.and remember, your only as old as the man your feeling,haha