01 April, 2008

Dressing to Impress

"Dress casually" I read at the top of the information packet for the all day meeting I must attend. I am thinking shorts and T or something similar though I know that this is not the case. I will be in business casual, head to toe.

But this doesn't mean that I can't have some fun with the "casual" concept.

"I think I will wear jeans," I told my economist.
"They are kind of conservative here, you might not want to do that."
"Okay, then I will wear my lowest cut, best cleavage displaying dress."
"Then you would fit right in!"

He was serious. The economist and I used to work together where I still work. He jumped to the government while I stayed here, plotting an escape at a future date. This company, while not overly conservative, is a bit more stiff than some. Black is the primary color of choice followed by gray and navy. The women usually wear pants, long sleeves, or sweaters. Even on casual Fridays, the men and I are the only few who dress down just a tad by pulling out the knit shirts/dresses respectively.

There is very little to no flesh seen in this department. And cleavage... well, it is usually non-existent. (outside my office!)

But the economist tells me that the location of this meeting is a "flesh market." Conservative dress aside, the women apparently have perfected the art of displaying all they can, or, as he put it, "They are falling out all over the place."

No wonder he enjoys working there!

Despite the long hours I will spend at this meeting and the discomfort I have with the reality that I will be completely out of touch with the real world for 12 hours, this meeting could turn out to be fun. If the women dress so provocatively, I can't wait to see what the men do! How would men, in such an environment, choose to define "conservative?" The information covered in the meeting might be uninteresting or dry, but... there will be plenty to observe!


JustRun said...

Sheesh. We are casual here every day. Way casual, really. I don't know what I'd do if someone walked around showing cleavage, skin, etc. That would send the gossip flying for sure. We are so boring.

pneumoniaBoy said...

You make it sound like you're the only one in the office with boobs.

Dave said...

Maybe I'm old school; but, Title whatever and all, and as a male employer, I want coverage.

Stupid, I know; but....

The Exception said...

JR - We used to be very not casual but now you see jeans now and again.

Aaron - The only one who doesn't hide them beneath loads of clothes, yes.

Dave - Agreed, work is not the place.