14 May, 2008

Open Forum - From the Mailbag

Yesterday I received an e-mail with this question:
"Do you think a woman can truly have a man to fulfill her sexual needs without being committed?"
My immediate answer was more in lines with the idea of a FWB situation, but after further reflection, I do not think that this addressed the question.
The question was posed by a man, nearing 40, with a stable relationship (not married).
What are your thoughts?


Mike said...

When did you become the sex therapist? ;)

I had this conversation with a friend yesterday more about relationships, but it fits here. Some people's needs fill a teaspoon and others a milk jug. It all depends on what you want committed or otherwise.

A-Ron said...


But that's not all a woman needs.

Brian said...

There's a difference between a good schtupping and really making love. The FWB can handle the schtupping part, but that added little oomph that comes from a committed relationship? Can't be faked.

The Exception said...

Mike - It is definitely an individual thing and a timing thing... and I enjoy these conversations!

Aaron - Do tell!!!

Brian - You are definitely right about that but do you have to have a commitment to have the latter?

Thinking Fool said...

A huge portion of sex is emotional, yes? With that in mind, I don't think needs can truly be filled without the emotional committment.

Michael C said...

Those are a lot more interesting emails than most of the ones I get ;-)

The Exception said...

TF - But how much commitment is required?

MC - I will see if I can do something about that! ;)

JustRun said...

I once thought yes, but now I know better. For me, anyway.

k said...

I do believe you don't need commitment to fulfill your sexual needs, but if it's the same man more than once ... that's some sort of a, if not commitment then an understanding.

Not everyone wants to shack up with someone and have to share her time, energy and space.

But I still think most women would like commitment, especially younger women looking to start a family. When you get to be my age, well ...

However, you can be in a committed relationship and still not have your sexual needs met.

Scotty said...

Sexual needs no, and those only last so long before you need more.

Anonymous said...

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