05 August, 2008

Living With Miss Green Jeans

I have written a few things about my daughter:

* she has a knack for asking questions
* She is honest
* She loves, loves loves musicals, the color blue, and adventures
* She will try anything that involves physical activity - rock climbing, sailing, running...
* She dreams of being a ballerina and is learning that she has to work to achieve that dream
* She is in constant movement, sometimes tethered to the earth by our interlocked hands
* She dances with the butterflies, believes in fairies, and wishes upon stars

But I have never mentioned that my Diva, the child that does not like sugary things, sticky things, or wearing the same clothes for more than 8 hours, has a green thumb!

Now, when I say a green thumb, I am not talking about a normal green thumb such as the one that resides on my right hand. No, that would be too much to ask. A normal green thumb, such as mine, can work with most plants but there is always that one, that variety of plant that poses a great challenge. For me, it was a rose. A few years ago I bought a rosefor the Diva fully aare that despite various attempts, I had never successfully kept a rose alive. But, for the last few years, with great amounts of work and loving care, I have kept that rose alive and producing gorgeous pink roses.

Now it is the blasted begonia! I can not keep a begonia alive to save my life though I keep trying. (I should just give up and stick with geraniums. I love geraniums!)

Anyway, my Diva doesn't have a green thumb like mine, her thumb is moor a neon green. She has the kind of green thumb that floors the likes of me and everyone I know.

When she was in kindergarten, she ate an apple while they were talking about Johnny Appleseed. She saved the seeds. She planted the seeds. I am now growing two apple trees! She planted two commercially grown apple seeds, and I now have two very happy and healthy apple seedlings!

Last fall she planted an acorn. I think that you can probably guess what is growing in the catnip now... yes, a tree. We have no idea what sort of acorn she planted, but we have a new tree growing with the catnip.

The trees are fun. I am actually quite excited to see the apple trees growing, anticipating where I will put them when I transplant them next spring. It is kind of fun to live with such a green thumb.

But when a mystery plant turned up in my rose this past spring, I wasn't very excited. Originally, I figured it was a weed and attempted to pull the plants. Upon further examination, it kind of looked like a squash. My dad suggested that I try and plant one of those that I pulled, just to see. And so, I did.

I am now growing a pumpkin plant in addition to the apples and the acorn from yet to be determined tree!

I have cherries in the kitchen whose pits I am considering letting the Diva plant. How fun would it be to have a cherry tree?

Sunday, as the Diva handed me handfuls of fresh picked blackberries from the patch next to our house, I thought about letting her take some of them to plant as well... I mean really, apples, cherries, pumpkin, and blackberries...

"Green acres is the place to be... farm living is the life for me!" And with Miss Green Jeans by my side, life would be quite fruitful!


JustRun said...

That is so cool! I want an apple tree now! And a lucky kid to make it grow.

T said...

How freakin' cool is that!! Its probably that you live somewhere that it doesn't get a hellish 105 degrees in the summer!

I love the Diva. She sounds so much like my Rose.

The Exception said...

JR - I am very excited about the trees - a house is not complete without one, or two!

T - She is a fun kid! I do think that living in VA has something to do with it as everything seems to grow here without much effort despite the steamy summer days.

AA said...


I could use her around my house. I can't even keep the Basil alive!

Becky said...

That is the neatest story. You are so lucky to have so many cool fruit trees growing in your back yard. What a smart little girl.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I have always much rather had a bigger backyard and a smaller house, I grew up with fond memories of my parents planting trees, plants, roses, and flowers in our yard. It's such a wonderful hobby. You'll have to post pics of your interesting yard sometime!

The Exception said...

Aaron - You can borrow her. She has never been to Georgia!

Becky - I am excited to see how they grow and such. She is already planning to have apples in a few years - her favorite school snack.

Emma - Interesting garden... it is a balcony! Definitely interesting and fun all the same. I would love to have a yard and a real garden... without the bugs of course!