04 August, 2008

For Some, It IS Shoes...

A Vice, a passion, an obsession... I suppose that we all have them.  For some it is shoes, others it is the latest and greatest technology, and for others it is chocolate, wine, a wonderful cocktail, or the wonders of the world of food.
For me, I hate to admit it, it is the digital camera. 
Yes, that's right, I am drawn to the latest and greatest in digital photography.  I can spend hours online reading about the newest releases and in the stores admiring the feel of the casing and the placement of the buttons.
I love taking pictures!!  That said, I wonder how much of this love  is about the features of the camera over anything else? 
Anyway, over the weekend, the zoom on the Diva's camera broke.  Given that she loves taking pictures, is developing an eye for the process, and my own passion for cameras, I decided that one of us needs a new camera.  But I have no idea what camera to buy??  I mean, they each have great selling points!
I have always wanted a Cannon Rebel because they take great pictures and look like lots of fun (great technology with lots of features etc).  I checked out the newest of the line and considered just how likely it is that I will be carrying this camera around with me?  Will I carry it on our hikes?  What about to the park?  Will I want it at ballet while I am steaming and preparing press packages etc?
I am going to have to continue dreaming about the Rebel!
I happen to love Panasonic cameras due to the lens, Venus engine, and image stabilization, but while looking at the newest editions to the Panasonic line, I found the Cannon SD 1100.  Now, this might be the perfect camera for the Diva?  And it comes in blue her all time, most favorite in all the world, color! 
I have never used a Cannon so really don't know how they do for noise and softening - but wow, the SD 950 and the G9 look like lots of fun too. 
My head is spinning - do I stick with a Panasonic for the Diva?  Do I try out the Cannon 1100 in that great blue color?  Or do I give her my old camera and go with a new one for myself?
I know that those who read this own some great cameras because I have seen the fabulous pictures they post or have sent me via e-mail.  I am truly open to all suggestions, ideas, advice, commentary... lay it on me. 
Keep in mind that I am more about the quality of the picture than having that new 14 megapixel camera that was released.  I don't want to worry about noise but I love image stabilization and great lens quality!!
so please... Help!!!


AA said...

For someone who enjoys photography, this blog is suspiciously void of any photo activity. :P

Crazy Computer Dad said...

I have a passion for photography too. In 2005 I bought a Nikon D70 digital SLR. I love it in an unhealthy way. :-)

So much of photography is framing the picture. You can have the best equipment and take a technically accurate shot that is visually unappealing. This mostly describes me. :-) If you are fortunate enough to have that photographer's eye then the equipment can really help you get those really creative technical shots. I went with the d70 because it gives me full creative and manual control and has blazing speed, ie there is no lag and it is INSTANT on (meaning I can turn it on and be shooting 3 frames per second at that moment). The D70 is compatible with both analog and digital lenses.

Canon should have similar cameras. Some of the low end Digital SLRs cannot use analog lens and lack some features that you can get from the mid range group for just a little more investment.

Recommend a general use lens that is 28mm-210mm. These can shoot wider angle shots to adequate zooms and OK macros without changing lenses.

JustRun said...

Though I love my Nikon and have taken some great photos, if I had it to do all over again, and were looking for a "starter" I'd go with a Canon.

dadshouse said...

I know nothing about cameras, sorry. But I do know about running shoes - I've worn Asics for years. When my daughter took up track after soccer season ended, I helped her buy Asics, dropping some parental wisdom her direction. She liked them well enough, but when she needed a new pair she switched brands. I forget which one, but it's something more kids on the high school track team wear. She's happy with the shoes, and happy to be able to go with the crowd.

T said...

The best photos I have ever taken were with a Fuji. I don't know how but they manage to be spectacular with color.

Good luck!

And yeah? Post some of your art, will ya?! ;)

Scotty said...

Please Post Pics.

I own a Canon SD850, which replaced another Canon. Love it, and the only reason I don't go the DSLR route is I probably wouldn't take it many places (since can't fit in my pocket like what I have now).

The Exception said...

Aaron - I may just post some for you tomorrow though I never said I was a pro at photography, just love cameras!

CCD - Wow, now that sounds like a camera!! Do you have a small one for everyday use?

JR - I have heard great things about Cannons but your pictures are fabulous... they leave me feeling like I am in the tropics.

DH - Ah shoes... This comment made me laugh. What a good sport you were for trying but aren't shoes just the most individualistic things!

T - It is all about framing and such. My SIL is a graphic artist so I hear about the aspects of each photo that "could be better." I took some fun pictures of the Diva... and heard just how soft etc they were.

I say, if you like the picture, then that is all that matters!

Scotty - Okay, I will think about posting pictures! I have heard great things about the 850 but the 950 looks really good as did the 870.

Crazy Computer Dad said...

I use a kodak easy share dx6340 3.1 megapixel when I want to take something small. Otherwise I have a shoulder/hip pack for the Digital SLR. I have another camera and case for doing underwater shots. I still have my film cameras too, but I don't use them anymore.

The picture behind my blog was taken with the Kodak DX6340. It does really well outside most of the time.

Ashish Surana said...

hey, Nice to see another "Exception" on the blogging world..!!!

Keep blogging :)