08 August, 2008

One of Those Weeks

I am having one of those weeks, you know, the weeks where the thoughts are fast and furious but unfortunately aren't cohesive or on the same page. 
Ah yes, one of those weeks!
*  Tuesday was National Underwear Day as reported on WTOP (103.5)  Apparently putting on fresh underwear each day sets the tone of the day.  (Does anyone not put on fresh underwear?)  I think I got the point though - some days are definitely boy short days while others demand that I wear lace... and still others, all cotton, all the way.  But what about men?  For them, given the small number of choices in styles that they enjoy, does it boil down to color and pattern?  Is this a leopard print kind of day or a day that shouts - "White, wear white boxers today!"  ?
(Perhaps I should put a note on the sidebar each day - it is a lace day or look out guys, boy shorts were my choice!)
*  I walked into a meeting on Thursday - an unpaid kind of meeting that is - to find myself in a room of men.  Only men!  Finally two more women appeared but honestly, the topic was very much not male centric.  In fact, it was more the touchy/feely side of my profession... okay, it was also the gray and nuanced side as well (which is why I liked it).  I assumed that it would be mostly women in the room but, so much for assumptions.  Men, men and more men.  (I had no trouble focusing on the briefing!) 
*  The Diva has started riding her bike to camp.  "You need a bike," a dad told me as I rushed by attempting to keep her in sight.  Of course, this was after he laughed and told me that I never should have bought the bike as now she has "wheels."
*  One more week of camp and then, I am a full time mom for two weeks until school starts.  The thought terrifies me.  I have the greatest respect for stay-at-home moms because... well, I know that I couldn't do it.  My daughter and I both benefit from my other job - the one I do during the day (in addition to being a mom, of course)
*  "When I am 16 and get a car (if they have cars then of course) I want either a blue Batman car or a blue jeep with the plastic covering the back windows."  This is what my Diva said as as she glided down the street on her blue bike.  Teaching her to negotiate traffic on a bike is high priority right now, I am so not thinking about her behind the wheel of a car!  (She has always loved ragtops in the form of jeeps and bugs and high end sports cars but we aren't going there) 
*  I am nearly finished with Queen of the South which I didn't know if I would like and have enjoyed 100%.  Leaving it to come to work this morning was difficult but required.  Something to look forward to tonight - then I can resume the reading of Wild Fire which may turn out to be a frightening book.  Not in the horror kind of way, but in the Cobra Event kind of way - one of those books that leaves one looking over their shoulder, peering around corners or thinking twice before riding the metro!
*  Even the weather seems to be having one of those weeks.  Earlier this week, it was hot and steamy while today and this weekend promise to be more fall like.  I am not sure if it is August or late September! 
Yep - It is one of those weeks!  (and it is nearly over!)


Mike said...

Everyday is what's on top of the stack day.

LOL. That would be good. Have your emotional state described by what type of underwear you have on.

dadshouse said...

Oh, yes - get a bike! I love cycling. I have a beach cruiser for short rides to the market or my kids' school, and a Bianchi road bike for multi-hour rides.

As for underwear - I pick the pattern depending on my mood. Or depending on what woman might see my boxers!

Jeff Mac, manslations.com said...

National Underwear Day!? I can't believe I missed it! Then again, every day is underwear day, in my book. (I usually just try to wear a pair that doesn't look like the Incredible Hulk recently transformed back into Bruce Banner in them.)

T said...

I dig the "what underwear I'm wearing" on your sidebar idea. I LOVE boy shorts too! And it is so true how some days are lacey days and other are cotton and then the boy shorts.

Good luck with the full-time mom for 2 weeks. I'm pretty sure that would drive me to drink.

Hope you have a good weekend!

The Exception said...

Mike - Ah, so you throw caution to the wind! (choice of underwear wise that is)

DH - I am leaning toward he bike... purple if I get one... or maybe green - such decisions!

I am very aware of my underwear if I think that someone might see them - but that is a completely different discussion! ;)

Jeff - Got to love that logic! Nice to see a man around like the sort that I grew up with.

T - I might be driven to drink (or eat loads of chocolate) by Labor Day. Keep checking it to see how I am doing!

Love boy shorts too!! (But I love boxers as well)