10 September, 2008

If You Change Your Mind...

There are men out there that honestly, and I am not joking here, make me swoon. I mean really, I want to smile and laugh and flirt and simply tell them...
"if you change your mind, I'm the first in line"
I not only want to tell them, but I want to lower my voice and use that most seductive of tones...
"Honey, I'm still free..."
I mean, these are amazing men. Intelligent, funny, great friends, and easy on the eyes (if you know what I mean)
"Take a chance on me..."
These are great guys that any woman, and I mean any woman, would be thrilled to have sharing her life and yet... these men are singleAnd I, well, I am just a friend.
"If you need me, let me know, gonna be around."
I want to flutter my eyelashes, give that "come hither" smile, and twitch my hips in that most seductive of female ways.
"If you’ve got no place to go, if you’re feeling down"
Run my fingers through hair, kiss lightly along jaw line to ear, meld into their bodies, work magic with my hands and...
"If you’re all alone when the pretty birds have flown"
But I am the friend, just one of the guys.  Great for a laugh, for listening and chatting and those heated conversations that aren't to be taken personally.
"Honey I’m still free"
It is hard to be the friend.  The friend who sees how fabulous these guys are.  The friend who is good for everything except the romance.
"Take a chance on me"
These are men that know me, hear my secrets, know I am fabulous, know that I am all about follow through, and yet, they pursue  women right and left.  The cute petite younger women, the sultry and sophisticated older women, the women that are as good as they can get or the women that come along at just the right time.  The women that have a certain look, a certain intellect, a certain zip code...
"Gonna do my very best and it isn't no lie"
Is it just that the chemistry isn't there?  Or is it that they see an image that they desire and I don't fit that mold?  Or do they even see me for who I am over the friend that they enjoy. 
"If you put me to the test, if you let me try"
And yet, if they only knew... the things I could do... I mean honestly, These are great guys, guys that fuel my creativity and passion.  Men that have the minds and the bodies that inspire.  That spark in my eyes, it is the kind of mischief that men like. 
"Honey I'm still free"
How to seduce a man into seeing the possibilities?  How to spark his desire to see and explore all that could be?  Mind, body, spirit... I am intrigued by it all and willing to explore...
"Take a chance on me"
(Words from ABBA - Take a Chance on Me)


T said...

Ha ha!!! Now I'm singing the song. And it started at the first line.

We so enjoyed Mamma Mia that I went out and immediately bought the soundtrack. I grew up on Abba, why shouldn't my girls.

What a fun post!

Oh and yeah... I know what you mean about men that make you swoon...

abrightfuture said...

Now you've got me singing it, too.

So so many of the things you wrote stuck a serious cord with me. Why don't they get it?!? Why don't they see what we could do for them??

harassedmomsramblings said...

I grew up on ABBA too!!

I can identify with this! And ask myself the same questions.

I dont have any answers for you? Maybe ask them? Ask them WHY? They the only ones who really know!

dadshouse said...

If you started out as "friends", it can be real hard to move to a relationship or become lovers. Of course, having plenty of booze can make people forget the friend part, then who knows...?

Seven Seas said...

Breaking through the "friend" wall is quite difficult. Be prepared tho, once the wall is breached it can be hard to rebuild.

mama llama said...

You had me singing, too. I was, once, the Dancing Queen...

Wonderful questions. I am not there, and am doubting whether I will ever get to that point, so I cannot offer any sage words as above. You have the spark, the creativity, the possibilities--all of which feel so dead in me now.

Very nice post! Be well, TE.

Thinking Fool said...

Do you ever just ask them?

The Exception said...

The dramatization of this song was one of my favorites in both the musical and the movie. The actors did it so very well - and I could probably relate more than I imagined!

Interesting that the women could relate and the guys are talking about the difficulty of switching from the "friend" (bucket) to the "something else" (bucket)? Come on guys, you have not had a female friend that you thought was fabulous and attractive etc, and she just saw you as a friend?

Thinking Fool said...

I can definitely relate. I've been pegged as the friend a lot. One female advisor told me to change that you should talk about sex more. When in doubt, you should ask if you really want to know!

Scotty said...

I can relate. I have a friend, that I know would like to be more. The thing is, we are really good friends, and I don't want to mess that up.

"Take a chance?" you might say... but what if you feel like you like them more as a friend than a more-than-friend?

Thats why no chance is taken.

The thing is, and its often difficult to take with grace, is that feelings (whether they be as friends or more than) have to mutual. Liking someone, perhaps someone liking you, may be easy. Hard part is finding someone that you like, and that likes you back.

That is why, I am still single... which can be either a good thing, or a not so good thing :)