18 September, 2008

It's My Move

"All women can do that."  I state this with such authority, but really, I am not sure.  I just think it is kind of fun, but have never talked to another about it.  Perhaps it is "my move."  (And here I am considering sharing it with you.)
"I am not sure all women do it as I haven't slept with all women.  I just know that I lose it when you do it."
(I would love to see inside the minds of each of you now that you have reached this point.  What is it she does that drives him so wild?  In fact, I should just stop writing here and know that you will come up with some very great and creative ideas!)
"What is so nice about it?"  Sincerely, I am fascinated by the way men think.  What it is they feel physically as it is far removed from what I feel. 
"It affects me on two levels," he states.  First, it just feels good.  Second, it is an 'I can't believe she can do that!' kind of thing."
Suddenly I wish I could feel it myself.  I wish I knew that feeling though realize that it is simply not possible.  When it comes to sexual experiences, the sensations are fairly gender specific, which is unfortunate!
And what do I do that drives him over the edge?  What is it that might only drive him crazy and may have little or no effect on other men? 
Kegels.  I tighten my muscles.  There is no movement on his part; little external movement on mine.  No movement at all except the flex and the release - the tightening and the loosening of the muscles at the core of my body. 
This is my move I suppose, but can other women do it?  Do other men find it as enjoyable?  I have no idea.
It is funny that I have never discussed this with anyone.  I have discussed hands and tongues, mouths and toys, and positions, kinks and creative ideas, but... never this move
I suppose if I have to have a move, then this is a good one to have!  (Or should it be the squirt?...


Kat Wilder said...

Gee, I haven't been by your blog in a while, and this is the first post I see! Well, allrightythen!!!!

First, I love the new look!

As for Kegels, they are really important for women to do (to keep things, um, tight), and a great addition to "the act." Men can do them, too, and I will say from experience, when they do ... yeah, baby!

Every woman needs to have a little something special (or two or three ....) that makes the sex over the top wonderful. There really aren't any secrets to it; you just have to read, experiment and know your own body.

So, count me in the Kegel Sisterhood!

Scotty said...

No to squirt, for me at least.

mama llama said...

That art has been called "little hugs"..."abracitos" from me. That I love to do at the very end, while he is still in me--it drives him absolutely wild and second round, coming right up!

Oh, I miss it so...!

Always good to know I'm not the only one. Women in generations before us--did they feel so isolated regarding their sexuality? Or did they talk? Something tells me they didn't talk much, that there was this great abyss of ignorance.

Those poor ladies. What they were missing...!

Be well, TE.

T said...

I knew it!!! When you stopped the post midway and asked what we were thinking, I knew it was Kegels.

I too have done them and the men I've been with don't know what to think about them. I've even had some men ask if I was having an orgasm. "I feel a throbbing. Wasn't that it?" Um. No. There will be no question when I have an orgasm.

I agree with Mama Llama too. Its sad to think that girls before us didn't have each other to talk to about this stuff.

Personally, I'd like to learn how to squirt. I thought either you could or couldn't do it. Apparently it can be learned.... good to know, eh?

Thanks for sharing!!!

The Exception said...

T- Quickly - squirt... I was stunned the first time I did it. Now it makes me laugh because it shocks men so. I don't know how to learn to do it but I know what works for me and if the guy does it right... oh my... everything is... soaking!

dadshouse said...

I had a girlfriend who was the Kegel Master. The feeling is amazing. I wish all women knew how to do them. You rock, Exception!

T said...

Dang girl. I had a guy once tell me that he could make me squirt but I wasn't interested in him at all.

Everything is soaking when I'm turned on anyway... *hee hee* I get pretty darn moist!

(Should we stop right here?!)

The Exception said...

T - Yeah, I nkow what you mean... No KY needed!

The most amazing squirt was with a guy I didn't like at all. There was no chemistry, my mind was not engaged, it was the most clinical sexual experience and yet... the combination of what he did was unbelievable in the reaction of my body - I can't imagine what it would have been were there chemistry! Size and a great tongue are key! ;)

T said...

*pulls out pen. takes notes... uh huh, size and tongue.*

Ok, got it!

Thanks girlie! ;)

Edgar said...

Kegels are just ever so much fun, when either party does them. I certainly try to add them in whenever possible - they seem to generate squeals of delight. And oh, la la - when my partner gives that squeeze - it can be heavenly.

And squirting is my new favorite thing in women - it's so wonderful to feel her shudders of pleasure and moans of joy as whatever the relevant body part of mine at the time gets bathed in warm liquids (the origins of which are a source of great medical debate, I understand). I don't know if it's something that can be learned, but practice can certainly make perfect, in my experience.

I've also had loves who have seen intense colors when they had orgasms - associated with various chakras. That was always quite an experience, too!

And, T - tongue. Definitely tongue. And proper caresses of the G spot...

Crazy Computer Dad said...

I know the Bradley birth method is big on teaching women to do kegels. I believe they tell women to practice them during the day.

Mama llama is right, a couple of kegels from both partners, and a second round of orgasms for both is sure to follow.


Thinking Fool said...

I wonder if this entry should be part of Obama's Kindergarden sex education program. ;-)

The Exception said...

Next time I post about such matters - I think I will ask you all to share "your move"!

emmaenlighted said...

Oh the Kegels! Men do their version of the Kegel too, it feels amazing!! Ask him to do it to you, and you might feel something similar to what he feels...maybe? Sometimes I'd like to know what it feels like to have a penis too.