17 September, 2008

How I Love a Nice Voice - Any Voice Actually

I read somewhere, at some point, that the voice is a wonderful tool.  Through our voice, we can express intent and desire - the words often don't matter as much as the way they are spoken.  It is the intent the gives them meaning; the intent that holds them afloat and gives them bite.  I remember the author suggesting that it is possible to seduce someone through the recitation of a shopping list, further illustrating the power of intent and desire and tone over the words spoken. 
I am sadly, not convinced. 
I think that there is more to it in that a person has to be drawn to the voice, to find it attractive in its pitch and timber.  If a person is not a "voice person" to begin with, I am not sure that the exercise works.  IN fact, I have a feeling that it doesn't. 
A friend of mine is not a "voice person."  He says that my voice is fine, but no matter how much intent or desire I put behind my words, he is not impressed (and this is a guy who is attracted to me in general).  This revelation stunned me.  A man could resist the draw of my voice?  Me, the woman who can't get male callers off the phone?  Me who has been told that I probably had a viable future in the adult phone industry?  But my voice does nothing for him, regardless of the intent behind and beneath my words. 
Unlike my friend, I am a voice person.  Within minutes I can tell if I am attracted to a man or not through his voice.  Is it deep?  Is it rich?  Does it express passion and humor or is it more flat?  Does it send shivers up my spine?  How would it sound whispering in my ear?  Is it open or closed?  These questions are not consciously asked, but they are questions that I can answer following a conversation.  
I had an e-mail from a man this morning who will be contributing to my report.  It started quite formal, as most initial business interactions do, and then the tone changed.  My informality allowed the tone to change.  I found myself wondering about this man - how does he sound?  Is he has formal in speech as his initial e-mail? 
It is interesting to finally talk to someone known only through writing.  The voice adds something to the words on the page.  I was actually surprised to note the changes in the way I read the posts written after having a conversation with the writer.  Crazy Computer Dad is one such example.  He is a great dad, very active and involved; a dad that loves his son openly and with such honestly.  I read this from his words.  After talking to him though - after listening to the tones and variations of his voice, I read his writing with more depth.  This is really a great guy with a lot to give.  The kind of guy that is fun to hang out with, easy to laugh, and ever so interesting.  I had that idea from his writing, but his voice added something beyond the written word.  His words now have more personality and charm - both of which this man has in spades. 
In the world of texting and e-mailing, I note the loss of the voice, the warmth and depth and expression that can occur only in person or through a phone call.  I spend so much of my time entertaining relationships via type of one sort or another, that I sometimes find myself wondering about people... the way they sound, the way the voice fluctuates, the sound of a chuckle or a full laugh, or even the way the voice sounds when it smiles (yes, a voice can smile). 
I wonder if my very vague ideas of how each person whose writing I read might sound?  Does T have an accent - is it Louisiana or Texas or somewhere in between?  Is Just Run as full of life and fun as I read in her posts?  Mamma Llama - an accent like mine - or perhaps a gentle voice with a hint of passion?  What about Mike and TAG - accents, richness, depth?  Teri is definitely as sassy and full of life as her writing portrays.  Harassed... how would her voice sound?  Does David sound like the California guys I have always known - the swagger and the confidence and the humor giving a charm that is different than that found in the south?  And 7 Seas, is there an accent after living abroad?  Scotty, does his voice capture the honesty that is illustrated through his writing?  Scorpy has the sexy Aussie thing going for him - he can't lose!  I wonder if any one wonders about my voice?  I wonder if my actual voice is reflected in the words that I type and the thoughts I convey?   


abrightfuture said...

"Me, the woman who can't get male callers off the phone? Me who has been told that I probably had a viable future in the adult phone industry?"

...and now we know the real reason Mike ran out of gas while on the phone talking to you.

I'm not a voice person - I'm an eyes person. I can tell just about everything I need to know about someone from looking into their eyes. Not that I don't enjoy a sexy voice whispering into my ear now and then.

T said...

Well, you know that all of it does something to me right now!!! I do love a good voice.... my soldier's voice is so confident, deep and sexy. I must tell him that 80 times during our phone calls. He just laughs at me. A big bold laugh... *sigh*

I had an accent, by the way, and lost it when I moved to Dallas. I think I have sort of a non-accent like many of my mid-western friends. But I suppose if you were from the far north, you may detect something of a drawl.

It is fun to talk to our bloggy friends, isn't it? We'll have to set aside some time to do that.

Oh and by the way, Lidia's cookbook (that you referenced below) is GREATNESS. That woman can cook!

dadshouse said...

My voice is somewhere between Barry White and Michael Jackson. Here, let me demonstrate... (dims the lights)

white onion


I can't say a woman's voice draws me into a state of bliss like a man's voice does for you. I'm more into her heart, body, and spirit. But I totally get that a man's voice can set you rockin'. I think it's that way for a lot of women.

harassedmomsramblings said...

I am a voice person!! I am drawn to voices - the turn me on!

I love phoning certain people just to listen to them speak!

I also imagine peoples voices!!

I have a young voice that is apparently very sexy over the phone!! I couldnt book a table at a over 21 restaurant for my 21st - they refused to beleive I was over 21!!!

I really enjoyed this post!

The Exception said...

Liz - That was funny. I wonder what Mike would say to that!

Eyes... eyes are wonderful as well!

T - You "lost" your accent in Texas?

A confident voice... oh, I love it!

DH - Now I know exactly how you sound! ;) And your recitation of the food... *swoon*! ;)

Harassed - That is funny that you couldn't get reservations! I can't even imagine. Do you have an accent of some kind?

Crazy Computer Dad said...

All I know is that I called you not too far from the end of the HOV lane on 95 south. From that moment until the car stopped responding in Richmond (nearly 90 miles), all I remember is the VOICE and the conversation. I don't remember ANYTHING else.

Liz emailed me today with an excerpt from this in quotes and I spent the rest of the day wondering what she was talking about...until I read this. :-)

There are so many things that can be devastatingly attractive and sexy about someone. Their intellect, their voice, their touch, the way they move, the way they smell, the way they write, the things they believe and how they manifest those beliefs, how they feel, their emotions, and more. It isn't always just about outward physical appearances.

Three Doors Down canceled their concert here last Sunday, but one of their songs says "and the perfect way you talk, It's just a couple of a million things that I love about you." A connection that hits all of them is very rare. Voices can very magical, spell binding, and I can't imagine being with someone whose voice couldn't instantly change my mood or wouldn't be one of the highlights of my day. Their voice would have to be one of the couple of a million things I love about them.

If you find yourself talking to "The Exception" I highly recommend you do not drive or operate heavy machinery while you do it.

Crazy Computer Dad said...

Maybe you should change your blog title to "The Siren"? :-) Just kidding though, I think it's perfect the way it is.

TAG said...

First, thanks for the mention. It's always nice to be thought of.

Second, all I'll say about my voice is it is very distinctive. It's actually a really nice thing to have a distinctive voice.

Once I talk to someone once, they always remember the voice.


The Exception said...

CCD - For the record, I didn't realize that the time had passed either. You are great to talk with! and as for the rest *blush* Thanks!!

TAG - A distinctive voice eh... don't you have a meeting in the DC area soon? ;) I agree about a distinctive voice - there are voices that one finds it difficult to forget!