15 October, 2008

Friday and Beyond

Friday was one of those days when you just have to laugh after it is all over... What A Day!!
I woke up to a gorgeous fall morning.  When the DC area decides to do it right, the weather can be absolutely perfect.  Friday was one such day.  It was the kind of day that beckons the mind outside; the kind that invites day dreaming even when there isn't a window in sight. 
I drank coffee with a friend noting the brilliant contrasts in the nature around us.  The bright blue of the sky; a pallet lacking clouds of any sort.  The perfectly blue sky presented a wonderful backdrop for the colors of the trees, some still a vibrant green while others flaunt their yellow and reds just as the early bloomers proudly walk, chest first through the halls of the local junior high.  The weather denied any thoughts of fear or uncertainty - reminding all who stopped to enjoy it that beauty remains. 
Then there were tears.  Tears of frustration and sadness; of sorrow and fatigue.  All the emotions not yet expressed from my Sunday venture to the hospital.  There are no answers - or at least none that can be given only those that I know within my heart. 
Okay, so I have a gorgeous day, a moment to let my emotions show, and then I have a bit of a delay on the phone with the bank.  But, rather than get frustrated, I found myself titillated via a fun e-mail conversation.  Now, I would never admit this to the man with whom I was corresponding but, despite the brief nature of the correspondence, I definitely was feeling more than a tad aroused.  Which, to be frank, made the conversation and the time spent on hold much more enjoyable!!
Business taken care of...
The end of the day was spent relaxing, enjoying the fabulous weather, and taking advantage of a Friday evening with no real plans.  It was time spent catching our breath for a busy weekend; a weekend that, in its own way, reflected Friday itself. 
A weekend that included... ballet.  But not only ballet.  It was a weekend of blue skies and multicolored leaves.  A sleep over which filled my house with the laughter of little girls playing, staying up late, and completely enjoying the company of one another.  It was a Sunday that found the Diva and I traveling into the city to meet Liz and Mike and there wonderful boys for a magical afternoon.  The kids ran, the adults walked and talked, and Aliens visited the National Symphony from the Planet X.
All weekend, the skies were blue, the leaves were bright, and the atmosphere was filled with laughter and delight... and to think, it all started on Friday!


dadshouse said...

Sounds fabulous! I love how skies are a palette, ripe with potential. Great that you got to meet other bloggers! Too bad I'm out west.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was fun!

We have been having amazing bright blue sky days here and it just makes things seem so much better

single mom seeking said...

How great that you got to hang with Liz and Mike.

Can I admit to being a little jealous?

The three of you together, one tribe, how blessed. How fun!

T said...

It sounds like a glorious weekend! And isn't it wonderful to be able to allow your emotions to just be... without judgment?

I love your descriptions. It totally put me there with you.

Wish I could've hung out with you guys too!!!

Scotty said...

Did you mean to make that last paragraph rhyme? :)

justrun said...

I'm going to steel your Friday/weekend mojo for my own this week, if you don't mind. :)

The Exception said...

It was great to meet everyone and, I can't wait to meet more. Perhaps a group meeting in CA is in order - or split the difference and meet at DFW!

Scotty - I'll never tell!! ;)

JR - No need to steal it - there is plenty to go around!!(But I will share my Webkinz... or you can just take them!)

T said...

Yes DFW would work for me! :)

25 minutes from my house.... Let's party!