14 October, 2008

Busy Enjoying the Moments

This is a busy fall.  Since school began my life has been busy, to put it lightly.  There have been so many new things to do and people to meet that sometimes it feels like I am letting things slide. 
Every year my daughter makes a video for people for their birthdays.  This year we forgot to do it for my dad.  Not only did we forget, but I called him from my office so she didn't talk to him either. 
Every gift giving holiday I am immediately sending out Thank You notes.  It is not something I put off; not something I neglect.  Yet this year, I have yet to write Thank You notes for birthday gifts received nearly a month ago.  (Maybe admitting this will get me to do it)
In August a guy I know had a birthday.  I had a fun idea to put his words on a peaceful and beautiful picture.  I finally did it last week.  Finally.  It only took me 6 plus weeks!
A stack of bills sits on the floor in my office waiting to be sent.  The money sits in my account waiting to be spent.  And yet, I feel as if the time is not there for me to sort through everything and do what needs to be done. 
These small little things play on my mind.  I have no idea why they aren't getting done or why it is taking so long to do them.  Each is something I normally do with a light heart and a grateful attitude.  Each is something, including sending in the bills, that I enjoy doing.  yet, right now, this fall, these things aren't getting done. 
It feels as if time is slipping through my fingers.  My days have become a series of appointments and meetings, running from here to there, overseeing homework and schedules that have nothing to do with the normal running of my home.  It is not as if I am not living in each moment; more that the moments do not include bill paying and Thank You note writing.  It is as if there are surprises and events that take me from what needs to be done.
I am living life.  I am running and playing and enjoying.  I need to take the time to do the little things too - to be thankful for the gifts received, to drop my dad a surprise from the Diva, and to pay the bills that supply energy to my house and a roof over my head. 
Tomorrow... I will put it on my list to be completed... tomorrow!


T said...

Girl! Don't I know it!!!

We never did Thank You notes growing up. The whole idea is completely foreign to me and yet everyone I know does them. I hope they don't take it as an insult if they don't receive them from me. I just don't think about it. I have friends that do them for Christmas too and to me, that's just nuts! Doesn't saying thank you work anymore?

Yeah, I know all about busy. I didn't even get to my blog reading yesterday....

Scotty said...

I think that every once in a while, you just need to step back. Take everything in, look at the big picture to make sure those seemingly small things are in the right place. That the big things are in the right place.

As long as you know where everything is, you're ahead of most :)

dadshouse said...

It is as if there are surprises and events that take me from what needs to be done. - maybe those surprises and events are the things that need to be done right now. Sounds like you are living life and enjoying it!

The Exception said...

Life is great right now - I did pay my bills but the rest... I am just letting them go. There will be time and understanding - and they will get done!

justrun said...

It must be in the air. And more so for people whose responsibility it is to look after someone else's life. Time is just FLYING right now ... always, I guess.

And just as an aside, I saw Webkins in your last post and freaked out. From what little I know about them, I have no idea how you parents tolerate. Ack! :)

Crazy Computer Dad said...

Sounds very much like me, except I'm like that all the time, not just recently. I tell people that my superhuman power is procrastination. Mostly, through intense self-analysis, I believe I just get overwhelmed with the details so I put it off until it can't be put off even one more second and then I don't have time to think about the details; I just do it. :-) It is also the reason I don't plan things out very much. I worry, I scour details, I get very anxious, and then I still forget things. I'm much happier just making something happen and figuring out the rest as I go. And in my profession, most things are emergency management so I thrive there. :-)

The Exception said...

JR - Ah, Webkinz. They aren't so bad but that might be because my daughter is computer savvy, and because I missed the Beany Baby craze! It is about the same as that. And, I have to admit, they are cute!

It seems as though many I know are living as I am.

CCD - So you run, run, run, and then nap!! I am fairly easy going about everything except those things that involve tickets! I can relax and enjoy once I have the tickets!!

After that, it is all take it as it comes. Unfortunately, the mail is a very low priority. If only I would pay bills online... *sigh*

Crazy Computer Dad said...

:-) I love my naps.