13 October, 2008

It's All About Word Twist

I sit at the computer.  My focus centered on the screen.  I need to find as many words as possible in the six letters that are given.  Two minutes.  Two minutes to find the long and the short; the real words and the words that I doubt exist. 

"Look at this" comes from over my shoulder. 
"Just  a minute,"  I respond as the clock ticks and my mind fights to maintain its focus. 
"It is a car for the Webkinz.  It moves and everything.  Watch!"
My eyes attempt to stay focused upon the screen, fingers madly typing the letters and hitting enter to submit my finds (which sometimes don't take... beyond frustrating)

She explains that the car moves backward, that she used the Lego wheels, and that it can just back into its spot. 

I have pretty much given up.  The seconds continue to tick in the round.  I continue to type.  My focus is gone.  What little remains disappears as the Webkinz in the car turn on the radio.  The Mamma Mia songs, courtesy of the Diva, fill the room. 

The round ends; my 2 minutes are over.  I close my eyes and count to ten.  Breathing deeply.  Every word I missed flashes into my brain simultaneously. 

One click of the mouse and, I start a new round, or challenge another to a new game.  I know that this time I will score higher.  I will type faster.  My focus will hold steady.  This time...

Such is my relationship with Word Twist... Anyone up for a match?

And now, there is Path Words!

(Yes, I am on facebook!)


Aaron said...

I used to play the heck out of some Word Racer on Yahoo! Games back in college. I still can't get into playing games on Facebook. I end up ignoring half the application requests from friends.

dadshouse said...

Oh, so that's your excuse when I kick your ass! I mean, when I beat you that one time. You usually kick my butt, for sure!

The Exception said...

Aaron - Facebook is really getting to me. I can't ignore any requests and then find myself attempting to unlock things. It is like a competition of sorts!

DH - Yes, that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!!! Want to make something of it??!! ;)