26 November, 2008

Bountiful Beauty

Given that the holiday season is upon us, and I find myself in the midst of Nutcracker preparations, I found myself quite happy to play along when Susan posted this fun little exercise.  I say exercise as anything that challenges my brain these days is worthy of such a title.  The instructions:  Leave a comment and I’ll give you a letter. Post ten things you LOVE that begin with that letter.  Then give a letter to anyone who leaves a comment for you… and the cycle will continue.

Ironically, Susan gave me the letter B. I don’t think she realized that the letter B is something that fills my life.  There isn’t a day that goes by without a B being involved – mainly in the form of… Ballet!

Ballet aside (oh, can I please not think about ballet for just a few minutes) this is about my favorite things that start with the letter B!

Beaches… This was the first word that popped into my head (after ballet that is) when I read the letter.  Beaches – warm and sun lit beaches.  Playing in the waves with the sun warming my body… *sigh*.  I would guess that I thought of the beach due to the freezing temperatures that greet me when I venture outside, but I do so love the beach any time of the year. 

Breezes, I mean the light spring and summer breezes that kiss the skin, tickle the neck, and send the leaves and the grass into a light and graceful dance.  The breezes that lighten the spirit and whisper tales from exotic locations.  They are the ones that carry the scent of garlic sautéing, outdoor grilling, and nature blooming.  These are the breezes I love. 

Butterflies with their brilliant colors and graceful poses.  The way they flit here and there alighting before taking off again in their wonderful winged dance.  This beauty, grace and strength remind me of my daughter.  She is bright and colorful, with the ability to move with grace and poise.  Like the butterfly, she is strength hidden within a brilliant body.  The butterfly, in its own way, reminds me of what it is to be feminine – to be natural and beautiful and diverse.  It is to be strong and yet beautiful; stolid and yet graceful.  The butterfly reminds me to enjoy life regardless of the form it takes or the form I take!  Life is short, but brilliant.  

Books would top my list regardless of the letter that I was given.  I would find a way to put books on my list.  My life is not complete without them.  These volumes of information, stories, history, humor, and enlightenment.  There is so much to be found within the cover of a book.  They thrill my imagination, spark my curiosity, quench my thirst for knowledge, and encourage my love of language.  A book is a source of pleasure and relaxation.  It is a means of finding adventure without ever leaving the comfort of my bed. 

Boys, again something that has topped my mind in recent weeks.  Little boys are amazing.  They have this rough and tumble charm that melts my heart.  I have no doubt that I would spoil sons like nobody else if I had them, but I don’t.  So I have to settle on spoiling my nephews to the extent possible and finding great pleasure in the company, friendship, companionship, and love of their adult counterpart… grown up boys!  Boys of the adult variety!  Sometimes it seems as if these grown up boys (men) get the short end of the stick.  They are a great punching bag for society at large.  When, in actuality, they are an amazing and enriching part of life.  Just think about it… these are our best friends, our dance partners, our companions, and the yin to our yang.  In my life, men often provide a sense of balance (another B word I really like).  The provide something to my work and personal lives that make them that much more full, enjoyable, and yes… challenging.  I can’t imagine a life or a world without these older, and perhaps more mature, boys.  Their love of life and sense of curiosity, the sense of humor, their perspective and energy… *sigh* how I love the boys (adult kind that is)!

Baths, bath bombs, bubble bars, bath salts, baths with grown up boys… yes, I do like baths!

Berries are nature’s perfect fruit.  I am not sure that there is much more that can be said about a berry – especially the fresh, in season, fresh off the stem variety.  Yum! 

Boats have to be one of the most fun ways of getting around.  (There seems to be a warm weather, water, summer theme happening here).  I love the water, the gentle rocking of the boat, the wind whipping through my hair.  I love the speed, the waves, and skiing off the back.  The sail flipping in the breeze is a wonderful sound.  There is nothing more sad than a sailboat washed up along the coast just as there is little more peaceful and beautiful than watching the sun rise or set from its deck wile on the water. 

Boxers and sleeveless tees are the outfit of choice when it comes to bed time.  You see, boxers aren’t just for men or for boys… they are for girls and women too.  In my house, boxers are the best kind of summer pajama.  Not only are they great for sleeping, they are great for lounging too!

Backpacks are a carry all.  If it doesn’t fit in a backpack, it doesn’t go.  That is my travel philosophy.  I traveled through Europe various times this way and again through Australia.  It goes on the back.  And one would be amazed at what can fit in a back pack! 

Bliss because all of this and so many other things add bliss to my life.  Bliss because I have so very much for which I am grateful.  Bliss… because it is a wonderful word that rolls off my tongue and lightens my spirit.  Because there are times in life that are pure bliss!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving which brings me to an extra B and the title of this post – bountiful beauty because I am grateful for it, it is everywhere in my life, and it is something that I love to share!  Happiest of Thanksgivings to everyone!

(Now, can someone pass the beans?)


TAG said...

Love the idea. Love the post.

Hope you and the Diva have a fabulous Thanksgiving.


mama llama said...

What fun, and what a great and exhaustive list of B items...

by the way, you'd be enamored by my baby boy!

Be well, TE.

T said...

What a wonderful post!!! I love this!!! Thank you for the smile it brought me.

My mind just doesn't have the energy for memes these days. Though this one sounds fun... and I LOVE Susan.

It sounds like you got the perfect letter for you!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Scotty said...

haha! I few of these made me laugh :)

Hope you and the Diva have a Happy Thanksgiving!

mama llama said...

Just checking in on you. I'd send an email but my email crashed and so went all my addresses...

:) Smiles atcha, TE. Be well.

dadshouse said...

Beautiful (b-word!) post! Love the "boys" shoutout. You are a woman who understand and appreciates our existence. Thank you.

But where is that other "b" word you say are so perfect... (smile)

Happy Thanksgiving.

The Exception said...

TAG - Thanks. We intend to do some damage to a bowl of pasta!! Happy Turkey Day to you!

ML - I can't wait to meet him! (I sent you an e-mail)

T - It is a fun post and I promise to give you a wonderful letter!

Scotty - Glad it brought a laugh or two... or even three? Happy Thanksgiving!

DH - Now those would top the average man's list of favorite B things... at least mine would!

Happy Thanksgiving and, I expect that you will play along too given that this is a fun and different thing to do!

Susan said...

Glad you enjoyed the challenge! Not being the meme-y kind of person myself, I thought this was a fun one. Thanks for playing along and hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


PS. Wait, does this mean you're going to give a letter back to me?? :|

BedsideTalesMan said...

Loved the post. You have a great blog. I fund you through 24@heart

I will be back soon....gooooood stuff

The Exception said...

You didn’t thik I forgot about my B post and the mean attached, did you??

Your eltters (and David this means you too!!!) are…
(Seriously David, this will stretch you as a writer and impress your readers – not that this matters but… for T, Ms Llama and myself… please give it a go)
(Read through to find yours)
Tag – To you I give the letter P for all the pictures that you take.

ML – I can’t wait to meet your kids… and for you the letter V as your vitality is amazing.

DH – B is a beautiful letter, as is the letter D… which is just for you, the darling dad of the lot!

T – This is a fun one… and for you there is G for the Grace that life offers.

Scotty – You get the letter S – you are all about secrets these days!

Bedside – Welcome!! And for visiting, you get the letter F because you may quickly find that I am a flirt!

Susan - I will give you a pass this time unless...;)

mama llama said...

I noticed you graced nobody with "o"... :)

V, huh? Okay, gets my mind out of hibernation mode. Thank you for THAT!

besitos, be well.

T said...

Mine's up. Hugs!!