01 December, 2008

Care packages

When a friend is down and out, my mind jumps to the care package.  That little box, unexpected as it is, can fill a heart with joy and a tummy with goodies. 


I love care packages.  Granted, I don’t get them often now that I am an adult living in the US surrounded by the little treats that cheer and warm, but when I was in Prague, I loved receiving my care package, my box of love, from home!  These boxes always contained the little something’s that would cheer – a letter, a book, a fun bookmark.  Just little things my mom would throw into a box knowing that it would warm my heart. 


Honestly, not only do I love getting care packages, but… I love sending them that much more.  


I am excited for the chance to send such boxes to the Diva when she is away from more than just a night (I might be waiting a very long time).  While I am waiting for that opportunity, I am happy to send a package here and there when a friend is down, in need, or just because I find something that strikes my fancy… something that says “send me!”


The Southern Charmer was teaching in Asia. Remembering that he has a thing for sweets, I baked him a wonderful batch of brownies with lots of chocolate.  A Swedish guy received half of the batch as he was studying lots and care packages always help in the studying process. 


The best thing about a care package is not the size.  Wonderful things can come in tiny packages (despite popular belief!).    It probably isn’t even what is included – though the treasures can be vast and varied and fun and thoughtful.


The best part of the care package though, is the knowledge that someone out in the world cares about you’d.  They are thinking about you and hoping that you are well.  Not only are they thinking about you, but they have taken the time to put this treasure chest of stuff into a container of sorts and drop it into the mail.  That is just a nice feeling to have – it warms the heart because it is just nice.  It is just a friendly thought; a caring thought from out of the blue!


Sometimes I wonder if there are virtual care packages.  You know, the unexpected e-mail that says “I found a quote today that reminded me of you” or the e-mail note or card that is completely unexpected and says “Hey, I thought of you… how are you?”  Or even a phone call?  Can that message from someone be a bit of a care package in its own right?


After all, it is not the contents but the thought.  It is knowing that there is someone out there sending good vibes and happy wishes your direction. 


And who doesn’t like knowing that some where, out there, someone cares!



Susan said...

You are absolutely right - the joy is as much (or more) in the giving as the receiving!

dadshouse said...

Thoughts are extremely powerful, and resonate like crazy. Just telling someone that something positive made you think of them is a huge thing. Virtual care packages rock!

Hope your Thanksgiving was good!

mama llama said...

I can't tell you how much a kind word left in my email box, a Facebook smile or a lovely comment can so positively pick up my day. Even a smile exchanged with a stranger in the store is, in its own sweet and simple way, a package of goodness and human decency--something that, in the wake of the Wal*Mart trampling episode of last week as well as pretty much always this time of year due to such emphasis on the material, I find myself almost craving.

I'm looking forward to a Nutcracker care package on Saturday, as are my monitos! Can't wait to see you again! Let me know how much I owe you, please...

Be well, TE.

T said...

Yay!!! I too love making care packages and I have plans to send one to some unsuspecting soldier in Iraq. (No, not Soldier... since he feels guilt with every package I sent with love.)

I send lots of good thoughts.... does that count?


cathouse teri said...

I love those little moments when you find out someone cares. And there are so many of them. If we are sure to notice.

But I like how you share the much better feeling of being the one doing the sharing. :)

Seven Seas said...

I always loved getting a care package when deployed out. Nothing like being in the middle of the ocean and receiving a little window back home. No matter what was inside the initial sight of that box with a return address of home always was boost to the spirit.