03 November, 2008

Pictures by Request

My daughter draws. She draws wonderful pictures of… cats. She draws wonderful self portraits. And, every once in a while, she draws fabulous and very life like pictures of… me!

Now, if you have been reading for months or weeks, you know that I don’t post pictures very often. When I do post pictures, they aren’t up very long. You also know that there is always a reader in the bunch (usually male) asking me to post pictures.

Thus, I give you,

The Exception!!!


dadshouse said...

Having never met you, I have no idea whether this is an incredible likeness or not. But based on photos you've posts, I have this to ask about the drawing - where's the cleavage?


Aaron said...

You have a double-chin?


T said...

I love that you're in the ever-present tank top!

Great drawing!! I like Dad's response above. Ha!

Scotty said...

Ha! Please Post Pics, satisfied :)

The Exception said...

DH - Funny - me and Jessica Rabbit. My daughter doesn't do bodies yet!

Aaron - double, actually triple!!

T - I wear a tank top until I can't wear one any longer (meaning, today I am in a tank)

Scotty - I posted pictures!!

justrun said...

That is great!

She really is good-- a lot of semetry and detail, which is something young artists tend to miss. But I am not surprised your little ballerina has many talents.

TAG said...

I have to say that is an outstanding likeness. Very good job Diva.

Hope the two of you enjoyed a great Halloween.


harassedmomsramblings said...

Thats a very cool pic ;)

The Exception said...

Jr - She spends a lot of time drawing. Her cats are her "speciality!" Thanks - I am proud of her efforts.

TAG - Now, I am not sure about that! ;) We had a fun Halloween. Thanks for asking.

Harassed - Post some your kids have done of you... join in the fun!