30 October, 2008

Witchy Woman

This is my theme song!!

(I see you snickering over there!)

It is Halloween, and today I am a witchy woman!

Okay, I have a witchy woman kind of attitude on any given day of the year, but today I can let the witch out and enjoy myself whole heartedly.

Now I am sure that most of you are thinking that there is no way this mild mannered, culture loving, super mom can be a witchy woman.

Am I right?

Well, you my dear readers, would be in correct. I can definitely be that woman! Not only can I be that woman, but I can thrive and flourish and enjoy being that woman!

(And there are a few men, just a few mind you (because that is all there are in toto) who can attest to just how mystifying and spellbinding I can be!

Due to a love of Harry Potter, witches are quite popular in my house. The good witches. The clever witches. The witches that challenge evil and fight for the good of mankind.

And then there is the witchy woman herself – yes, that would be me.

There is that drawer full of spells that I can cast when the mood so strikes. Unlike Samantha, I don’t need to twitch my nose, a twitch of the hip will do!

But spells are often unnecessary – used only in fun and play. I can work magic with my fingers and hands alone. That which comes forms my mouth… now that is spellbinding indeed!

Aren’t all women witchy at some level? We have an ability to send shivers up the male spine and mesmerize with a few flicks of the tongue or the eating of a banana (or an ice cream cone). With our imaginations, minds, and creativity, we can weave spells that intrigue a man – leaving him desiring as much as we are willing to give (and often so much more).

Today I will slip into my witchy dress with full realization that it captures male attention. But perhaps only I will know that the true magic, the true witchy woman that I am is more about the mystery of my mind and all the magic I can create through thought and desire.

My magic, my secret, is more than superficial. It is more than the fish nets and the low cut neckline and the slit up the side. My magic is… me!

Happy Halloween!!


mama llama said...


Happy Halloween, from one bitchy--OH, I mean witchy!--woman to another!

Stockings on--hat ready. But the days of the mini-skirt clad witchy Me are gone in these cold climates!

Have a great day, TE! Be well.

Scotty said...

Ha! Finally a pic!

Happy Halloween!

harassedmomsramblings said...

ooohhh have fun!!!!

We dont do Halloween here but this year I kinda wish we did!!!

I could so get dressed up and be a witch tonight!

Mike said...

That's not much of a costume. Have a Happy Halloween.

dadshouse said...

You cast your fishnets out, and seem to have caught something... I think a closer examination is in order!

Happy Halloween

Aaron said...

You're sure to score some candy with that get-up. :O

T said...

Hooray! What fun!!!

Happy Halloween!

Me? I'm much more of a vampire girl myself. Something about a man sucking my neck that makes me shiver. And the darkness of it all turns me on... Perhaps I read too much Anne Rice as a teenager? Oh and remember the movie "Love at First Bite" with George Hamilton?? Yeah, I dig Dracula.

Have fun tonight.

L said...

Men are so easy. :)

Happy Halloween!

single mom seeking said...

I was wondering what that new pic was... I had to come and check it out!

I was a witch, too....

Have the T-shirt said...

You go grrrlll! Way to cast a spell :P

Lad Litter said...

Yep, noticed the new outfit on a comment you left over at my blog. Witchery indeed. Way to go.