21 November, 2008

Such a Flirt

Why is it that flirting lifts my spirit and puts a little bounce in my step?  It is not that I need others to validate who I am or to help me feel sexy.  But, a flirtatious conversation can put a smile on my face faster than you can snap your fingers.

I am a flirt, I suppose, if the truth be known.  I like to play with words, engage in the double entente, and even say something to get a reaction.  I am a harmless flirt though in that I never take it seriously – it is all in good fun. 

Sometimes I flirt without realizing I am really, even possibly, doing it.  I will chat with one of the younger guys in the hall and find myself smiling, raising my eye brows, using a little different voice that implies that we are on the same team; it is us against them.  But it is nothing more than fun – and I am careful about who receives such attentions. 

It is funny how we instinctively know with whom we can play and with whom we can’t… and in play I mean have fun not play in a physical sense.  I am one of those who don’t play where I work!

I recently had a phone conversation with That Guy that was fun.  Our conversations of late are scattered in nature as we are out of practice – friends living on two different sides of the world can find themselves in that sort of predicament.  My call to him was in response to his e-mail… here is my number if you ever want to call. 

I went from calling him frequently before he went abroad to not fully understanding that I can now call him any time again since he has returned. 

So, as any good friend would… I picked up the phone and dialed.  And then I attempted to flirt.    (Because that is what I do)

My attempts to flirt were falling flat.  I mean really, I was bombing big time.  It could have been that his office was not empty leaving him free to flirt back or, more likely; it could be that I have just been off of late.  My attempts to flirt via e-mail have been falling very flat too.  We are talking flatter than a week old open can of Coke!

I finally gave up after an attempt to joke about dangling participles failed miserably.  “If you were a voice person, your participle would not be dangling.” I told him.  I was just a tad frustrated and sensed it was jus time to move on. 

I received an e-mail from a great gal who shared her recent fun flirting experience.  Lucky her!!  Envious, jealous, whatever… I sent a note back…I really need a date!!

And I do – of the fun flirtatious variety! 






liz said...

I LOVE to flirt. So much fun. It's what my post today was about, but given the nature of my job, I have to be careful about saying that.

But I'm like you...a little flirty banter can lift my spirits immensely!!!

T said...

I agree with you guys! I too love to flirt. But you know me.... I flirt with boys AND girls!


dadshouse said...

email is flirting is tough for me. Just remember that if you sense your flirting is falling flat, it's not necessarily a lack of flirt skill on your part! It takes two for a flirtatious tango.

What did the young guys at your work think of your Halloween fishnet? :-)

harassedmomsramblings said...

I love flirting too - always makes me feel good :)

Some people get it and some people dont!

Maybe your mojo is just a bit low!!

Wow, that was awkward said...

Sometimes flirting can make the world go round. And a really good flirt is usually a smart and witty one. What's not to like about that?

Lad Litter said...

It's an art form, isn't it? Some women just do it brilliantly, as I'm sure you do. You probably need someone to at least be receptive, though. You can't flirt with an Easter Island statue.