12 November, 2008


I need a Sunday.


The kind of Sunday that might only exist in literature or in history.  You know the one that was set aside for rest?


I crave one of those Sundays.


It seems that, since school started and the season began, our Sundays have been about everything but resting.  I hear people talk about spending the day at home, doing things around the house, and I find myself wistful.  I want one of those Sundays.


As we walked home from ballet Saturday afternoon, I glanced up at the sky.  Dark clouds circled overhead.  They seemed to surround our house and neighborhood.  I smiled and anticipated the rain that would fall.  I so wanted the storm to hit.  The clouds appeared to have so much to offer…  And yet it didn't rain.  It didn't pour.  The clouds moved off to give the rain to another part of the state or region.  They left me with the nagging desire for weather - for a reason to curl up with a book and a cat and a quilt.  They left me craving Sunday. 


The problem is, I plan those Sundays.  I have planned and reserved two of those Sundays just for us.  Declared PJ days of the sort that the Diva and I need.  And then…something else happens; something that is unexpected and fun. 


One designated PJ/stay at home and relax Sunday was spent out in the country with family.  The Diva walked in a creek, sat through a training session of a pre-school martial arts class, and we ate great food.  The day was filled with laughter and family not seen in decades.


So much for my stay at home Sunday.


I looked over our November calendar and... Wow, 2 blank Sundays.  Two Sundays that are about us and PJ days!!  I was so very excited. 


And then we were invited for a play date/dinner with a neighbor whose daughter is turning 9.


I have one Sunday left.  One Sunday out of November.  Part of me wants to guard it ferociously.  I need this Sunday.  I want this Sunday to be our PJ day.  I want to spend the day reading and working on a calendar for Christmas and even bursting some bubbles.


Yet, I know, in my heart of hearts, unless the weather is a "stay at home kind of gray" or we are ill... we will change our plans if something comes up.  We will go out, see friends, explore... we will do something!


I suppose that there are several ways to look at it - we are enjoying our lives completely.  I don't regret any of those Sundays that have changed from doing something at home to doing something out and with others.  And... Honestly, there will be free Sundays in January and February, I have no doubt.  The weather will force us indoors or there will be those wonderfully delightful and ever unexpected and anticipated "Snow Days!!”


But, really, I could use one of those days right now.



Scotty said...

Ahhh... the lazy Sunday. I think we all need them from time to time!

T said...

Amen girl! I'm just looking forward to the turkey laziness of Thanksgiving day...

dadshouse said...

I love days like that! Why wait for Sunday? Get in your PJs right now! :-)

justrun said...


mama llama said...

You are not going to believe this...

...or maybe, having met me, you actually might...

but I had never had a PJ day until I lived in Japan. And I had to be taught how. How to Veg 101. I had never LEARNED how to just take a day off and do nothing except watch a movie or do nothing. Never.

I don't get that luxury anymore and I can't really deal well with it. I always have to have something else going on, some project to work on, and I always have to upgrade at least to sweats from PJs. Can't stay in jammies all day, no matter how hard I try. Just can't do that.

I am waaaay too type A, aren't I?


At least I'm in touch with my weaknesses..and strengths.

Be well, TE.