20 December, 2008


Okay, I am wearing a new pair of jeans that I love, but they are such low rise in cut that… well, I fear that they are going to fall right off as I walk.  Just curious – given that such jeans square off the rear of a woman, why do men prefer them?  Why do women prefer them?  And how do I get these things to stay up!!  


Happy Saturday!


Mike said...

I would think your hips would keep them up. I think it's that flash of stomach. We're guys a flash of flesh and we're happy.

mama llama said...

My belly ring will only permit me to go low-rise. I had to get used to the feeling, but I now really like wearing them, and the length will finally go all the way to my shoes, which is hard to find for my height and slender weight--hence junior department shopping. I can't stand the feel of jeans that go to my waist anymore.

Be well, TE. Enjoy those jeans! Flaunt it!

Vinnie Sorce said...

Blah, I can't stand that low rise stuff.