19 December, 2008

Just Because

I recently read a quote that left me laughing while agreeing with the sentiment whole heartedly. I immediately thought of someone with whom I shared it as soon as I could. I now share it with you – comments are welcome!

The problem with f*&king is that it leads to kissing.

(I “Mail in” posts from work… which might explain the use of symbols…I could not find the source in a google search so note that I read it in the book A Detective in Love)


Mike said...

Funny I think you have it backwards.

dadshouse said...

See now, I didn't react like you. The quote you posted made me sad. I would LOVE if fucking actually led to kissing, or even a sleepover. Too much hit-it-and-quit-it action for me these days.

(What was I up to last night, anyways...?)

mama llama said...

Hmmm....I just can't possibly go in that order. But I can get so incredibly turned on by a great kiss that...

...well, we'll save that one for another coffee date. I can relive some pretty amazing experiences had.

Be well, TE.