10 December, 2008

On a Lighter Note

Each of us has them, those little things that are odd, set us apart, and makes us different.  The little things that we just can’t change and that it is best to accept about us or, well, things just don’t work. 


One of mine is texture. 


Now, many of us have experienced the challenges children have with clothes and texture.  I can’t tell you how many minutes I spent with my daughter putting socks and shoes on only to take them off again to start all over.  The sock wasn’t right.  The texture wasn’t right.  She was not going anywhere until it felt right.  It is one of her little “issues” – the texture of her sock.  Other kids have other clothes issues to include the tag, the different fabrics, etc. 


My daughter has outgrown her sock “issues” (which is a great thing) but she has not out grown her “sticky” challenges. 


I remember her first birthday.  I planned and produced a wonderful carrot cake knowing that she would love it.  We all gather to watch her enjoy this wonderful sweet.  Excitedly, she reached out and put her hand in the icing just as kids will do… and freaked out!  Sticky!  She sat there flicking her fingers and shrieking.  She never tried the cake; never tasted the icing; and thankfully can’t remember anything about her birthday!


To date, she doesn’t eat anything glazed, involving honey or marshmallows or that is… sticky.  It is just something she doesn’t do (along with most things potato to include fries) It is just something to note about my Diva.


For the most part, I don’t have texture issues.  I am okay with most anything… except…


Today a friend brought Tuscan sandwiches from La Grande Café in McLean.  (This place is worth a stop as the food is great).  They looked delicious!!  I didn’t think twice about it – tomato, cheese, etc… what is there not to like.  I took a bite… delicious! 


I took a second bite and… goat cheese! 


I imagined that I could make it.  I could get through the gooey weirdness of the cheese.  It was just cheese after all, nothing wrong with that.  I could just swallow hard and focus on the other flavors.  I could ignore that goat cheese flavor; the feeling of blue and mush and goo in my mouth.  Mind over matter.  I could be an adult and enjoy the rest of the sandwich ignoring the way the cheese was pasty, and sticky, and gooey, and the way that flavor lingers long after the sandwich is complete…. 


I took bite number three and… the gag reflex kicked in.  After a few comments, I ate the tomatoes and set the rest aside. 


Although I enjoy Feta on my salads, goat cheese is one of those things I can’t do.  It is all about the texture, not that the taste is that great either but… it is the texture that gets me.  That is one of my idiosyncrasies.  While my daughter doesn’t do sticky, I don’t do gooey!  We are quite the team!


I know that there are people who love goat cheese, which is great.  It is nice to know that goats have a market for their milk and other dairy products.  And, if they started making goat milk ice cream, I am sure the scale wouldn’t mind in the slightest.  It must be a delicacy for which I never developed a taste. 


While you are all enjoying your goat cheese, I will stick with my mozzarella, thanks!!  (The Italians know how to make great cheese)



rubytuesdays said...

Well it looks like Diva will be a fairly healthy eater if she avoids sticky foods...they're mostly sugary things anyway.

I understand the goat cheese...I can't do yogurt. Can't do it.

dadshouse said...

You didn't like that sticky gooey taste in your mouth?

It's funny how different people notice different things like texture. Fabrics don't interest me one bit, but I've had girlfriends who care about the fabric like crazy.

Vinnie Sorce said...

Don't ya just love how kids react to things?

mama llama said...

That is a major hang-up of foreigners trying sushi for the first time, too...not the taste so much as the texture is what is hardest to, literally, sink their teeth into.

My major texture issue lies in peas and beans. Too mushy--ick.

But I LOVE octopus and squid.

Interesting thoughts, TE. We grow in and out of our little "things", fortunately--or at least to find that there exist, sometimes, exceptions to our rules.

Be well.

justrun said...

Texture is the main reason I don't like chocolate. The thought of that sticking to my mouth and teeth and... ew! Gag. I totally understand.

T said...

So funny!! My older daughter doesn't like potatoes either. She's finally, this year at age 7, started to enjoy french fries here and there but RARELY. My little one is ALL ABOUT POTATOES.

My older daughter also doesn't like buttons on the front of her shirts, coats or jackets. Forget it, if it has buttons, she WILL NOT wear it. I don't know... I always ask, "What did the button do to you?" I thought she'd grow out of it... not yet.

I hate custard. Creme brulee creeps me out. Texture is too weird.

We're all a bit weird in our own way, aren't we?

harassedmomsramblings said...

I have issues with texture and so does my daughter!

I can not stomach cooked fruit - like apple pie or pineapple on a pizza or things slimy like yoghurt.!

I also cant wear silk or lace and another fabric - I cant think of the name now.

Labels and seams and socks irratate me - I nearly ripped a lable off with bear hands a while ago!

Kiara is pretty much the same with clothes and food aswell!

Makes life interesting :)

Susan said...

Very funny because my daughter sounds quite a bit like yours -- from the socks to the not liking certain things on her skin. She freaked one time after a tumbling class when the teacher put a stamp on the back of her hand without asking. The teacher meant it as a reward, and it was done in assembly line fashion as they exited, but oh, how she howled.

She still gets like that with other textures.

And I also found this funny because just last night I had goat cheese on my salad and thought how good that creamy texture was! Viva la difference!