27 February, 2009

In the Spotlight - Just Run, Just Live, Just Be

Today The Exception turns 2.  For 2 years I have been sharing my random thoughts with the world.  Readers have come and gone over those two years.  Posts have changed in color and flavor depending upon my mood and inspiration.  But today, nearly 500 posts after my first and after 2 years… I am still here. 

In honor of two years, I am going to give my Friday posts (for a few months at least) to the celebration of one of the blogs that I read or have read and enjoyed throughout those two years.  Hold on to your hats as there are some wonderful people on the list!!!

Shortly after I started writing The Exception I stumbled upon a woman in Colorado who had a way with words that delighted and inspired.  I found her through a comment which I followed back to her site which I then quickly bookmarked and have read religiously ever since.  There aren’t many people still writing from when I started reading (that I read) but she is.  She is not only writing but taking beautiful pictures, demonstrating compassion, and leaving me with new and different ways of thinking about the world.  I have never been to Colorado despite it being my home state’s neighbor to the north east, but she leaves me wanting to go… “Are all people as fun and thoughtful as she seems to be?”  And I would love to venture to some of her vacation destinations!

I love reading what she writes and miss her posts on the days they don’t appear.  I have found myself inspired.  Some of her ideas and ventures are not only delightful but are inspiring.  Through thick and thin, delightful and not so delightful, and a few posts about bacon, Just Run/Lesley is someone with whom I have shared many mornings for the past two years.

Through Lesley I have had the chance to live my 20’s all over again, but this time through running, owning a dog, living in the US, and with (probably) a lot more thought and compassion than I lived them the first time.  This is a woman who is always ready to go, and who has some great cheerleaders on her side, each of whom she has written about with humor and love.

If you have not read Just Run, I urge you to do so.  It doesn’t take long to realize that this is a woman with a heart, but also a wonderful love for experiences, adventures, taking chances, living outside the box… She lives a lot like I live; a lot like I encourage my daughter to live.  I mean, come on, who among us has driven a tractor

Like Lesley, I strive to give the most unique and experience filled gifts to my nephews.  Can you imagine sending this through the mail?  Or the fun had opening it?

Even when her spirits aren’t at their highest, she is trying something new – expanding her horizons in so many different ways. 

In a way, the 29 for 29 project sums up this Spotlight post quite nicely.  This project, enjoyed and completed from what I can tell, left me inspired.  This is something my daughter could do.  This is something I could do.  Hey, these little things are something we all can do!  But then again, I can’t sum up this wonderful lady in a few paragraphs with a few links.  I don’t think that her post tell more than just the very tip of who she is.  What they do tell is worth reading! 

Just a few posts ago, Lesley wrote about greatness.  Her post, as usual, was well written, and as usual, it left me thinking.  In fact, it is that post that inspired this post, and the idea to shine the spotlight on the Greatness that I enjoy via The Exception.  Thank you Lesley for writing Just Run.  I do hope to meet you should we ever be in the same place at the same time.  Here’s to you and the Greatness that is Just Run!








Mike said...

Congrats on the big occasion. Can't wait to see it at 3.

Mama Llama said...

What a wonderful eulogy of a blog I must check out. And congratulations, again!

Happy Friday, TE! Be well.

dadshouse said...

I love just run! I read her daily. Her 29 at 29 list got me hooked. Nice words, Exception!

JustRun said...

Oh, wow. I don't know what to say. Thank you for your kind words... that is really so touching. Aw.:)

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!