13 February, 2009

M, E, N

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  It is a day that is largely celebrated by… women.  Granted, men jump through the hoops, come up with romantic ideas, and do all that they can to meet an undisclosed standard, but the day is largely about women.  They do all this for… women. 

Last year I celebrated Valentine’s Day here by posting a tribute to men:  Men, How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways.     This year I decided to make it a bit of a tradition.  A bit different than the post of the past, let me again take a few minutes to give men a shout out.  It is easy to note a few things that I love about the male of the species; feel free to add a few of your own!

In sitting down to write this post, I have considered the men who have entered my life over the past year and those that have been a bit more absent than present.  One thing these new men seem to share is a boyish charm or a delight for life.  That “I won’t grow up” quality that women just can’t replicate regardless of how we try.  Thus…

I delight in the charm of men.  The ability to go from hard working professional to little boy with the crooked smile and the frog in the pocket in ten seconds flat.  The ease at which they can move from a serious conversation to a lazy smile or a wonderful dry comment smacking of wit.

I delight in the conversations of men.  The serious chat and the ability to explain and take delight in doing so without patronizing.  (Remember, we are talking about the men I know) – Except those who practice law and those guys… well, they are naturally a bit talkative.  After all, if you can’t win them with the facts, bewilder them with… you know what I mean) the ability to engage in emotional discussions and walk away friends… I love that. 

I have met men who not only delight in their families and support their kids in so many ways, but make them a priority.  It is a wonderful thing to see given that I am surrounded by those who put work and their profession first and foremost in their lives. 

Oh, and the men who can recognize and appreciate the beauty of a woman in her various forms and ages… I salute you!

Then there is the man who is capable, comfortable, and confident around tools of any sort and any size… that man makes me swoon!!  (And yes, you can read that however you want)

And, since we are talking tools… need I mention how sexy the man is who can cook?  I mean the guy who not only knows his way around the kitchen and the farmer’s market but the man who simply loves cooking.  If there is one thing I have learned about men in the last few years, it is that if they enjoy doing something, they are most likely going to do it well.  And when that something is cooking (especially Italian) then wow… talk bout sexy!

This weekend, and honestly a percentage of the time, men receive bad press.  Sometimes I think that, when it comes to women, they are fighting a losing battle.  And yet, bless their hearts, they keep fighting.  The desire to have a woman around is just something that, in their minds, is worth dawning the armor, brandishing the sword, mounting the stallion… and charging the windmills!

I am the first to admit that I don’t understand men a good portion of the time.  I am, quite honestly, the woman who can get caught up in over analyzing and beating a dead horse.  Yet, when all is said and done, I am also the one who can step back, realize that these are not just people but they are “men” and it is not just to make assumptions or set unrealistic expectations, or believe them to be anything but who they are.

I love men for so many reasons, only a few of which can be found throughout this post, last year’s post, and this blog.  They are a wonderful combination of youth and maturity; passion and idiosyncrasies; and salty and sweet.  Here’s to men… and all that they bring to my life.  Thank you for the enrichment and the laughs and the growth and the tears and… everything.  You are each a wonderful package that challenges me to open my heart and my mind to accept you as you are – nothing less and nothing more.  

TO men everywhere – Happy Valentine’s Day… I wish you enough…






MindyMom said...

What a nice tribute to the man! I am in absolute agreement about men with tools (and that work with their hands) - yummy. And also the men that can cook - delicious!

Single dads are hot too - all domesticated and hands on with the kids.

Yep, there are some bad apples but they can't spoil the bunch. I still want one!

searchingwithin said...

Loved it! Another time I make sure I make tribute to a man in on "Mother's Day", because without them, we could never have the joy of being a Mother.

~Best Wishes~

dadshouse said...

How nice of you to write this post. It's good to know there are women who truly appreciate the frogs in our pockets, as well as our "package" (you used that word more than once!)

Happy Vday!

mama llama said...

That is a nice eulogizing post, TE. Your benevolence makes up for my negativity! :)

Hope you are having a good weekend. Be well.