24 February, 2009

Seriously, What IS He Thinking?

“I’m going to be in DC…”  These are words I enjoy reading or hearing.  Oh what fun, a friend is coming to town.  I envision time spent laughing and chatting or exploring the different parts of the city or the area.  If the person happens to be a man with whom  I have enjoyed a past, I wonder if anything will transpire.  In all cases, my reaction is one of pleasure as this message comes from someone who has invested time and energy to keep in touch.  We have shared stories and ideas.  Or in the case of men, perhaps it is just the friendly update from time to time.  Point being that we have kept in touch. 

My reaction is a bit (read a lot) different when the note is an e-mail that drops into my inbox out of the blue from someone I have not seen or chatted with in months if not years.  When the person is someone who doesn’t ask how I am, fill me in on anything about himself, or say much more than:  

“I’m going to be in DC, perhaps we can….”

These notes are usually from men and usually the “…” is something that he wants and believes he doesn’t have to put into writing.  He has this odd idea that “…” is going to happen given that he has not bothered to connect with me in X number of months.  He believes that “…” is going to be something I put as a high priority. 

He believes in correctly!  The man is sadly mistaken!


MindyMom said...

That guy sounds like a real gem!

Mama Llama said...

To echo MindyMom, a real work of art, this one.

Be well, TE.

Alex J. Avriette said...

I understand being excited when people come to see me in DC. It's so hard for me to explain to them what it's like to live here, and I get tired of trying to explain what things like Sep 11 and the Obama Inauguration .. festivities were like (or for that matter motorcades and circular freeways and other weirdness we have here).

But you're right. At the same time, I don't feel like being the steward of the city, I don't feel like dropping everything for them, and the ones that give me very little notice or no idea what they want to do (do they want to go see the Concorde at Udvar-Hazy? the Hirschhorn? what?) can really annoy me, too.

I guess from the previous comment that there are other things afoot here than just being a friend and showing someone around, and I can't comment on that, but I do understand most of the other sentiments, I think. Good luck.

dadshouse said...

I have the same problem with old girlfriends who text me out of the blue. Like I'm supposed to jump.

Unless, of course, they are hot, and willing, and... oh, never mind.

I agree, that's extremely rude of these men to only want one thing, and not take the time to stay connected, or even reconnect before jumping right to the "..."!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I got semi-propositioned by a READER I've never met the other day. (I'm married - my readers know that.) He told me his wife is leaving town and wondered if we could get together because he "appreciates" my sexuality.
Really? WTF?
Men ... some men ... are very presumptuous!

T said...

Well of course, it is your prerogative what you want to do with your time.

Still, quite presumptuous, isn't he?

justrun said...

Ugh! Mistaken, indeed!

But when I send that email, you know it will be for real! :) Except the "..." part. ha.

Lad Litter said...

Hate to be a pedant but "he believes in correctly" and "he believes incorrectly" differ somewhat in meaning ;-)

Some guys have a lot of nerve.

Scotty said...

Hey, I'm going to be in DC! Maybe we can...


The Exception said...

LL - It appears that Microsoft got the best of me on that one and I didn't catch it when it changed it!!

Scotty - for you... anytime! ;)

JR/Lesley - I look forward to your e-mail with plans and such.

24 - That is just... odd!

T - Yes, my time my terms all the way... and if it were one of the guys here... well, ;)

DH - Yeah, you and your flirty texts... how do I try my hand at sending you a few? ;)

Alex - Welcome!! DC is truly a fun place to live. I send guests out on their own unless the weather is nice and the tourists are low in number!

Mindy and ML - He is actually a nice guy, but honestly... his reasoning was that he didn't want to make promises. Hello? Just a simple "what's up?" isn't a promise of any sort last time I checked.