23 February, 2009


“Is that your daughter?”  A woman asks as I stand talking to an acquaintance I have not seen in over a year.  The Diva is no where near as she does her energizer bunny thing and is watched by a friend of mine visiting from the west coast. 

I smile and confirm her suspicion. 

“She looks just like you.”

I hear this from time to time.  My daughter looks nothing like me in my opinion.  She might have my smile now and again but to me, she looks much more like her dad.  Actually, she looks like a cousin of mine I have never met I am told.  She is just her own little person. 

My daughter has a striking look.  She is light olive and a golden blond with a dancer’s physique.  She is bones and angles and muscles and nothing else.  Energy sparkles in the air around her.

Through the eyes of motherhood and the eyes of a stranger, I see that my daughter is beautiful. 

And yet she looks like me.

Does that mean I am beautiful too? 

Why do I have trouble seeing my own beauty when I can see it so plainly in her?


MindyMom said...

Man! I am having technical difficulties today! I lost my last comment, but in short; I don't see the resemblance between myself and my daughters either, but we take it as a compliment and it feels good to have others recognize the mother-daughter bond between us.

dadshouse said...

I'm betting the energy sparkles around you too! My daughter looks like her mom, my son looks like me. I think that's as it should be.

Mama Llama said...

I used to get a lot of, "Oh, I have a friend that adopted Chinese, too." Not anymore, but rather comments like, "I'm starting to see you in her/him." Must be personality shining through, because they both look just like their father. Fortunately for all of them, he ages well and looks much younger than he is.

But once in a while, I still get the, "Poor thing...they look nothing like you." Even though I know it to be true, it hurts considering the long labors and deliveries had with both, along with the blood, sweat and tears I put into raising them.

Be well, TE.