27 March, 2009

A Change for This Friday

“ooooo it’s a Contest!”

That’s right, it’s a contest of the writing and describing and creating variety – which are, in my own opinion, some of the best kind.

It’s a contest hosted by one of my favorite guys – David at Dad’s House!

Not many people out there know that I am a sucker for a writing challenge of late.  I have done Slice of Life challenges and intend to try a Memoir challenge too.  I know April is poetry month, but I can’t really imagine writing 30 poems in 30 days.  And wordless Wednesday… well, I am not exactly a wordless kind of gal unless we meet in person.  Then – let’s just say still waters run deep.

This is a fun contest.  It is the kind of contest that is fun to do because it really doesn’t matter whether one wins a prize or not, it is just fun to write and read what others write.  It is all about spring and love and romance and flirtation.  I mean, honestly, we are talking the sexiest dad on the west coast as the sponsor so would a contest on his site be anything but fun and flirty??

Because I can’t put things any better than this, I stole the contest rules directly from his site:

Spring Fever!

The idea: write a blog post that has you feeling feverish about spring. For instance:

  • Spring romance
  • Spring dating
  • Spring fling
  • Spring as a season for renewal
  • Spring break sex
  • Spring fashion
  • Spring walks in the park
  • Spring as a much needed end to winter

The post can be a story or advice.

It can be funny, sexy, heartwarming, bold, irreverent.

Whatever you want. Anything goes.

Any adult can enter this contest. You don’t have to be a single parent, or a parent, or single, or even a blogger. Just be willing to help spring fever spread. If you don’t have a blog, write your entry as a comment on this post. (Please try to keep it PG-13.)

If you want to play – and I know that everyone who reads here will – go to Dad’s House and post a comment on the contest post.  Then… fingers to keys… type away.

David goes on to say that since he is judging, bribery and such is okay (nudge, nudge – you didn’t think I was writing this post for the fun of it, did you!)

My entry will be posted here sometime next week.  I am not sure what I will write as… well, spring fever is huge and the sky is the limit.  I could write something about my adventures in love, romance, flirtation, cleavage…so many things from which to choose.


On your mark

Get set


(I can’t wait to see what everyone writes…)




dadshouse said...

Sexiest dad on the west coast? You must want to win this competition bad! :-)

Can't wait to see your spring fever submission. (I didn't mean that in a dominant/submissive sort of way. Ha!)

Thanks for the plug. Have a great weekend

Mama Llama said...

I can't wait, either, TE! Looking forward to it!!

Be well, TE.