30 March, 2009

Uncovering Spring Fashion

The first warm day of late winter finds me in shorts and sandals.  I just can’t resist the opportunity to change from the clothes that cover me from head to foot throughout the months of the winter’s chill into… airy, light, hardly there clothes. 

I pull out the more summer shirts, slip into the shorter dresses, and I throw the hose in the drawer to be worn another day or perhaps, let’s hope, next winter.

I find my greatest pair of shades, have a few inches cut off my hair, and prepare to enjoy the return of long sunny days that are filled with the sounds of birds and the smells of flowers and trees in bloom. 

Ah… spring. 

Spring… that season that allows me to uncover myself, sleep with open windows, and absorb as much sun as humanly possible.  It is the season that finds me happy to be outside.  Spring in my step, smile on my face, giggle in my voice, I celebrate every waking minute. 

Spring… the season that means sun dresses... cute sun dresses…

And this is where I start not liking spring and all that follows.  I like sun dresses.  I like the sexy spaghetti straps and the light fabrics.  I believe it would be so much fun to wear the spring dresses that are soft and yet full of life…

Yesterday I saw a dress with an amazing neck line – it was a halter neck line.  *sigh*

“You could wear that”

“Yeah right,” I smirked.  “I can’t even imagine how that would look.  How does one wear that?  Where is the bra?”

“You don’t wear one, and you would look sexy.  You would definitely add more to the cleavage.”

“I would look slutty.”


And bare backs… oh how I love the idea of backless dresses.  The dresses that one wears with one’s hair up highlighting the clean and sensual line of the female body from long neck to curve of back…


I have assets aplenty.  I have assets that, unfortunately do not allow me to wear such wonderful dresses or styles.  I enjoy my assets, don’t’ get me wrong.  When there is cleavage to be had, I am at the top of the charts… all natural and sensational I might add.  But… there are days, when the clock turns to spring, that leave me wishing, if only for a minute, that my assets were such that I could wear, with grace and poise, the sexy spaghetti straps or the halter neck line… or the cute tops with the shelf inside…*sigh*

Oh to look sexy with grace rather than slutty and braless!



This is my entry for the Dad’s House Spring Fever Contest!  Join n the fun over at Dad’s House!





dadshouse said...

Sluttiness is in the eye of the beholder! Isn't it?

I have to admit, I like a woman who pushes the edge toward sexy fashion. Slutty is a bit much, but skin with confidence is something I like. Still, you have to feel comfortable in what you wear.

Great post - thanks for joining in on the contest!

MindyMom said...

I SO know what you mean. You should go read Cathouse Teri's post for another perspective. ;)

Anonymous said...

You were right, I thought it was fun. Good for the imagination... LOL


Mama Llama said...

Very nice, TE! What FUN!!

Be well.