08 May, 2009

So Much For A Mother's Day With No Plans!

Ah… Mother’s Day…

The day when mothers around the US are treated to breakfast in bed, or brunches with family, or days off with friends.  It is the day when moms dream of having free choice as to how they spend the day…

This Mother’s day, in Virginia, is predicted to be the nicest day in over a week.  It is to be sunny!!  Sunny!!!  (That was worth saying twice with great enthusiasm)

I had great plans for Mother’s Day this year.  The plan was… to do nothing!

That’s right, pretty much nothing  was planned.  For the first week in forever, we had nothing planned.  I thought it would be nice to sleep in, take a nice walk to brunch, enjoy the great weather, and spend time with my daughter.  I also thought a few hours of quiet where we do our own things would be nice too. 


As of early this morning, my Mother’s Day is going to start at 6:30 in the morning.  Yes, that’s right.  I said, 6:30 in the morning.  What happened to relaxing and sleeping in? 

I am asking myself that same question. 

What happened was a child who has fallen in love with the 5K race.  What happened was a race in the area first thing Sunday morning. 

So while mothers everywhere will be choosing what they do for the day, I will be up just after the sun and preparing my daughter for a 5K race that she is determined to win.  Forget this race for fun stuff… she knows there are medals! 

After the race, I will participate in a “dash.”

That’s right folks, I am expected to “dash” on Mother’s Day. 

I quickly informed the mother with whom we are entertaining these activities that I do not “Dash” (especially on the first nice weekend day or on Mother’s day) I saunter.  Perhaps I will mosey, but I do not “dash.”

All of this should be complete by noon.  That leaves  me time to sit back, relax, have a Mother’s Day pizza (you celebrate your way, I will celebrate mine) and read a book or two. 


But that is not going to happen either.  After this wonderful race and then my “dash,”  I will be enjoying some quick pasta before setting out to watch a children’s play in Maryland. 

Is it my imagination or does it appear that my “Mother’s day” has become more about my daughter? 

That is how it looks to me as I reread what I have written.  

So much for my big 2cd Sunday in May plans.  There won’t be any sleeping in.  The relaxation will be minimal.  Books completed… well, that will be zero…

It might not be the Mother’s Day I had not planned, but I have a feeling that it is going to be absolutely delightful!  After all, my daughter is the blessing that makes me a mother.  Without her, I would just be… not me!  So together we will celebrate Mother’s Day and the delight that each of us brings to the lives of the other. 

“Saturday is your Mother’s Day.” The child chimed in this morning.

“I can celebrate Mother’s day by buying you shoes?”

“You can buy you some shoes too!”

I smiled and laughed, pulling her to me I told her, “Every day is…”

And she said with me “Mother’s day.”

“Because I get to share my days with you,” I finished.  And it is so very true.  

Have a wonderful and love filled Mother’s Day!




Mama Llama said...


What a lovely post. I had to admit, you had me in disbelief regarding the Mother's Day Dash...

Shoes. Ah. Now THAT sounds divine.

Now maybe I can con Young Prince to take me to DSW for some glass slippers...or flip flops.

Be well, TE. Happy Mother's Day!

Mark said...

I love the end, it is as it should be, everyday is Mother's Day! Have happy one as you dash off into the sunset.

dadshouse said...

So while mothers everywhere will be choosing what they do for the day... - you are choosing, too! It's quite admirable that you put your daughter first, and it sounds like you'll enjoy the day as it is playing out. But it is a choice. Give yourself permission to take the day off, and put yourself first, if you want!!!!! I really do mean that.

Have a great Mother's Day!

T said...

What a wonderful ending to the post!

It sounds like fun to me. I too am a fan of the 5K. Good for her!

Have a lovely day, TE. Happy Mother's Day to you!