19 June, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

One of the wonderful aspects of parenting in the 21st century is the freedom of self definition.  Roles may not be as rigidly defined as they once were.

dads can stay at home.

Moms can have high power jobs.

Families can be about several kids, several parents, one parent, one kid, or more than one ethnicity.  Families look vastly different than they did ten years ago or a hundred years ago.

Self definition.

Labels need not apply.  Kids see parents doing loads of different jobs, taking different roles in the family, or creating new and different ways to parent.

It is wonderful!

What a great gift we give our kids when we parent as only we can; when we as parents pick different music and march to that different beat!

So here's to parents who embrace their roles - to those who choose the traditional and those that choose to try something new.  Here's to the parents who create and innovate and color outside the lines when it comes to their kids and their families.

Here's to the Diva's dad who will enter her life in the upcoming months with the opportunity to determine the kind of dad he wants to be - regardless of society, labels, and roles.  For them - for him and the Diva - the future is exciting in that they can be the father and daughter that they choose to be - as creative and innovative as they choose.

And with our daughter - I can promise you that her dad is up for a fun and fantastic experience regardless of how much or how little time he elects to invest.

here's to parents!!

here's to Moms!!

And here’s to Dads!!!

happy Father's Day!!


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SingleParentPlus2 said...

Happy Father's Day to you as well.