16 July, 2009

Yawning and Smiling

Talking on the phone has always been something I enjoyed.  There is something about the connection, the laughter, reaching out to people and catching up on the big and small events that make up a life. 

I remember spending hours on the phone throughout my younger years and into graduate school.  I simply spent time talking. 

Then I had a child, and phone conversations became more complicated.  I stopped talking on the phone as much as home time was family time; hoe time was about relaxing and spending time with my daughter. 

However, this isn’t to say that there weren’t conversations!  I remember talking on the phone quite often while she was doing something else or, primarily, late at night.  I have enjoyed many late night conversations, conversations filled with fun and laughter and catching up on the big and small events of a life.  Conversations about emotions and thoughts and ideas and dreams. 

I did enjoy those conversations though I have also noted that they have been less frequent of late.  It wasn’t that I stopped enjoying the conversation but more that life came into play.  The kid stayed up later, events started lasting longer, and I am simply not the spring chicken I once was with the ability to talk until the wee hours of the morning and then wake a few hours later to be mom and professional woman. 

With this in mind, I find myself bone tired this morning after spending a few hours on the phone last night talking and laughing and listening and flirting with a man who has the voice that grabs a woman in the center of her being and says “listen!”  I haven’t heard a voice like this since… um, yeah, him!  It was wonderful.  I enjoyed myself 100%.    I would do it all over again in without question.  And I say that with heavy eye lids and a foggy brain.  Even though I am craving a nap already this morning, I can honestly say that it was a fun night. 

Last night I remembered the conversations of the past… the laughter, the thoughts exchanged, the simple connection of one person to another through the tones and inflections of voices.  Sure, I missed a few hours of sleep, and sure I am in need of a very strong coffee… but it was worth it!   


dadshouse said...

Hey, that's great! Glad you found a sexy male voice that makes you sit up and take notice! I prefer chatting in person to chatting on the phone. I like body language and eye contact. A lot.

Mark said...

Sounds like you had a great time. It is so very important to be able to connect in the way that you did.