10 August, 2009

Ah, The Mall

Her hand rested in mine as we merged into the busy mall traffic.  I dislike the mall on weekends; I don't really like the mall any time of day when there are loads of people and noise and confusion preferring to do my shopping or mall visiting first thing in the morning or mid-week.  But, here we were, she and I, talking and walking hand in hand.

The mall corridor narrowed.

I didn't think twice about it - didn't look to my right to ensure that we weren't merging into anyone - we kept walking and talking.

And then someone hit my right arm and hand.

And that someone turned to me and smiled.

And that someone said "Sure, we can hold hands!”

He smiled.  I laughed and said something in return, and each party continued on their merry way.

The Diva was not amused.

I explained to her that it was fun and an accident and it was flirtatious and everything was "no big deal.”

She wasn't buying it.

"But, he was cute..."  I smiled.

For the rest of our time in the mall she held my hand and ensured that we gave a wide birth to everyone, especially the men!




dadshouse said...

She's so protective! Ha. Nothing wrong with fliting, especially physical brush ups.

justrun said...


Mark said...

He accidentally intruded on your time together and she was to have none of that. Thanks for sharing.