07 August, 2009


August is Happy month!

With this little gem in mind, I decided to jot down a few things that leave me feeling warm and happy inside…


Today is one of those days. It is… gorgeous outside! We aren’t talking just kind of nice or even a simple, beautiful day. It is… gorgeous! It is hard to believe that a nice, less than humid day like today with light breezes and blue skies can happen in August in DC, but apparently, it can! And that kind of day leaves me feeling happy!

Happy is the barista at Starbucks this morning who left the register to personally make my drink. He didn’t call it, and I didn’t order it. He simply knew what I wanted and provided it personally. A nice touch for this gorgeous Friday in DC.

Happy was giving my daughter a hug this morning and the, calling her back as she walked away to give her just one more big hug! Happy is know that another one of those big hugs awaits me after work this afternoon.

Happy is a wonderful weekend in the works event wise. It is fun adventures, trying new journeys, and making plans with friends to spend time together.

Happy is the flirtatious e-mail I enjoy from time to time and the memory of one such e-mail yesterday that curled my toes and left my spine tingly!

And on that note, I would like to end this e-mail by wishing everyone a very happy Friday and a very happy weekend… and to one sexy single Dad on the other coast… Happy Birthday wishes! Here’s wishing you a year of enrichment and fulfillment!

Happy Friday everyone – and Happy August as remember, it is Happy month!

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Lance said...

It IS a Happy Month indeed! And I love the energy in this post, and the feeling I have upon finishing it - one of joy! So, thank you for putting a bit bigger smile on my face today!