09 September, 2009

Blank Paper

One of the most beautiful sites in the world, to me, is a blank sheet of paper.  

Yes, you read that correctly, I said a BLANK sheet of paper.  

At times, and for some, this is intimidating and daunting.  What to do?

There is that  sense of not knowing what to do or not wanting to make a mistake or do something wrong.  

For me, most of the time, the blank paper is gorgeous as it is all about possibilities.  

It is all about creating and being free to do and express and… just “run with it.”

Blank space just waiting to be used; blank paper ready to receive and help express ideas and thoughts and images…

*sigh* Just delightful.

And yet, creating has not been my thing of late.  

I have largely stopped writing – not because there isn’t anything to say, but because I am not sure exactly how to express my thoughts.  

Just as I have not spent time with blank paper creating, I have not spent much time truly looking at my life and seeing it as yet to be written – seeing my life as a blank piece of paper just waiting for me to start dreaming and designing and creating.  

All this is about to change!!

Change is a good thing – sometimes it is difficult to see that it is a good thing, but it is a good thing all the same.  

As my birthday approaches in mere days, I am giving myself a few more days to sort through things and tidy my thoughts just a bit.  

I am opening blank pieces of paper and letting my thoughts and ideas out to play.  

I am preparing to start another year of life…

A year, like that blank piece of paper, that is filled with opportunities and possibilities!!



dadshouse said...

I can't leave paper blank. I have notes on scraps all over the place. It drives my kids nuts!

Take your time. You'll be filling in the blank spaces soon. Lots of change. Tons to deal with. Let life unfold.

Shani said...

I think that sounds divine, TE! Everything comes at its time--I'm finding that I much more enjoy the written word of others now to my own creations. That's not a bad thing.

Be well.