10 September, 2009

It's All About The Tie

“Nice tie,” she commented as the two walked from the room. 

He smiled and stopped to open the door and let her walk through, “Thanks”

“Power tie,” I say and smile as they both leave.  Men and their ties…

I am not one to not notice a great tie.  The tie mentioned above was nice especially as it drew out the color of the man’s eyes.  A tie is a wonderful accessory to a man’s look, especially when it is the right tie.  I can see how one would find a sense of confidence in knowing that they look good and that the outfit is completed, or more refined, with the perfect tie; the Power Tie!

Men have their ties… and women have… ?

What is that we have that allows us to feel that extra spring in our step or completes an outfit in such a way that we are that much more confident and self assured?

For some, I would bet, it is the shoes! 

I know women who live and die by their shoes – great shoes truly do make the outfit.  She’s can add height, femininity, or can make a statement like very few other accessories can. 

For others it might be jewelry. 

I have been known to very carefully pick out a pair of earrings – the right pair of earrings.  It isn’t about completing a look or adding confidence as much as it is about self expression.  These earrings are me today!

Of late though, I tend to choose items that are not visible; little luxuries that are purely for me, about me, and leave me feeling quite confident without anyone ever noticing. 

Lace, silk, animal print, feminine… it doesn’t matter as long as it is reflective of where I am and leaves me feeling awesome in my clothes.  I suppose one could say that some demonstrate their power on the surface while I like to keep mine close to my heart – one has to look beyond what is seen to what isn’t seen!

So, men have their power ties, I have my power lingerie…and you? 


dadshouse said...

I don't wear a tie, but I always thought a power tie was one that made a man look powerful to others. Does it make him feel powerful too?

I don't want to see a woman in a power anything. I prefer sexy. And sexy is an attitude.

Mike said...

Superman underoos. LOL. For me it's an attitude like the Travolta strut from Saturday Night Fever.

Jaime said...

Hoop earrings. Hoop earrings can take me from the homeless girl with no sleep look to fabulous supermodel, get out of my way. It's instantaneous. Amazing. Putting on hoop earrings is equal to drinking 4 glasses of wine - because you know how much better you look after wine.